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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Things I Won't Miss About Smoking (QUITTING TODAY!!!)

Since I am quitting smoking today, I thought a list of things I won't miss would be appropriate and fitting.
  1. I won't miss spending all that money on cigarettes anymore.
  2. I won't miss being out of breath when I climb up to my third floor apartment
  3. I won't miss people looking at me funny with dirty looks
  4. I wont miss the smelling of smoke or the look that is has on my walls (even though I have only smoked indoors for about 4 months vs. the whole time I have lived here, I am sure there is some yellowing of the walls).
  5. I won't miss having the jitters when I "feel" the urge to light up, anxiety will be handled another way.
  6. I won't miss "Smokey Breath" that I actually call myself sometimes because of smoking
  7. I won't miss any health related problems that I am avoiding now by quitting.
  8. I won't miss smoke in my eyes when I have my glasses on (for some reason it always gets caught between lens and eye)
  9. I won't miss always wondering when or where I will be able to have my next cigarette
  10. The most important thing I won't the gained time I will have to spend doing things that I enjoy and spending it with people I enjoy


Marcy said...

You Go Girl!! I'll be waiting to hear your victory story!!

Nadine said...

may you keep this up! (:
all the best!

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