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Friday, August 27, 2010

I've Made Two New Cards....

OK, so I said I was going to make as Renee put it "surprise" cards...this one below isn't exactly going to the much of a surprise but I DO HOPE that it will give some woman a good laugh in her time of...well, to put it delicately, her time of an unhappy week.  I am by no means making fun of it at all.  I am just trying to put a little laughter in someones daily life. 

This next card is meant for what I really hope to be a good laugh to the one receiving it.  On the outside it says "He looked at her/She looked at him..."  On the inside it reads "Everyone who saw "That Look" wanted to throw-up a little. Congratulations on your engagement"  I don't know about you, but I thought it was to good to pass up and not make this card. Here it is...

Please let me know what you think of these cards.  Am I being to much of a here or are they OK?  I have already put them on my Etsy shop, so I hope they are OK.  I will talk to you more soon!  Lots to do here still!  Have a good night everyone! {HUGS}

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Monday, August 23, 2010


First of all {HUGS} to all my friends and readers, I have missed blogging for what feels like a month.  I know just a few days-to a week maybe...but you know what I'm saying here, I'm sure you can relate.
Well a few things have happened over the last week. I sold 2 items off my Etsy shop!!!  They were both sold to the same woman and the cards were the Bad Day Huh? card and the Self-Pity card.  So I am thrilled to pieces about that!  Also, the person I sold the smoking guardian angel card to said she LOVED the card and it was better than she had envisioned it.  So again...thrilled!  I am currently working on more cards of course.  I have a few ideas that I am working with as well as some completed cards that I just have to post.
I am mulling over the idea of making cards that look one way but when you open them, will surprise you.  Meaning, take my Self Pity card for instance, it was pretty to look at in the front and has a beautiful flower on it and says a genuinely caring statement, when opened it says something to make you laugh and it's something that you weren't expecting.  I don't know, I really want to try that for a while.  What do you all think.  Have you had any experience with that regardless if its a card or not, but any feed back would be great!
Here are some cards that I have been working on...only two of these are going to be posted onto Etsy b/c the others I am trying to keep for a gift box as a raffle prize....

The three Christmas cards are going into the raffle card box, I am making more for that but that is what I have right now.  The raffle gift is part of my entry fee for the Yellow Ribbon Center Fund Raiser that will be going on here in Cincinnati next month.  I am looking forward to that!

Let's see what else.  Oh I was asked to become the full time Moderator for the yahoo group PBS_Swappers which I am so excited to do.  So far it's been OK, but then again it's only been a week, LoL! Just kidding, I am sure everything will be fine and go well. 

I have had a topsy-turvy kinda week last week as far as physically goes.  I was on a lot of medicine for this and that.  Well I went off most of them, mainly b/c I just felt I didn't need them.  Well after "hearing it" from my mom and doctors, Christy went back on all the meds at one time.  Yeah, not pretty.  I looked like a stumbling drunk for a good part of the week.  I could hardly type, and I think I am a pretty fast typist, but I could hardly get a sentence out without trouble.  Sooooo, I'm off again.  I know I know, bad idea, but I couldn't help it.  I couldn't function like that.  I may try just starting out with a few at a time and not all at once and get myself back up to where I "need" to be, but I just can't handle all that at one time.

Tomorrow {well today now} I will see Eric for the first time since Thursday.  I miss him and I can't wait til he comes over.  I was invited over there Sunday for dinner by his mom, but I had a headache and just couldn't do it.

Well I am on a typing fest now, so I will close and {HUGS} again to you all!!!

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ever Have A Dream?

Last Saturday, Eric came to pick Kristin and I up to go to McDonald's and that was the only place we thought we were going.  Well Eric mentioned to me to bring my cameras and meet him downstairs when he got here.  So we drove not far from where I currently live to this BEAUTIFUL home for sale.  We are always looking for homes for sale and he and I love the wrap around porch style homes.  I personally love the homes that have at least 2 floors.  So as you can see by these pictures I immediately fell in love!!!

This house has 9 rooms, 4 bedrooms and 2 full baths, fireplace, a huge back yard, a sun room, large balcony off the master bedroom...Isn't it gorgeous? I WANT IT!!!   LoL!  I just looked again at the listing and it has a sale pending :(  I think I shall cry now.  Not that Eric and I were going to buy it, but still.  It was just a wee bit to much for us right now.  Well I can dream.  Someday I will be living in my dream home with Eric by my side.
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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Photo's of the day!

We spent the Fourth of July up at Lake Waynoka and I honestly cannot remember if I posted these particular 2 pictures.  I love them because they are simple and capture the innocence of the moment. 
Here is Kristin writing her name in the sand.  Actually I think this was the second time she had to do this because the water washed the first one away.  But I love it because it's a candid photo of her just enjoying the moment.

Here is Kevin, Kristin, and I in the water just about to die of laughter when Eric took this picture. Right after the picture was taken we all went under the water because they are both sitting on me and I couldn't take it anymore. LoL!
The story with the bucket is this...I was wading in the water when I honestly thought something was attacking my leg, well yeah, turns out to have been the attacking purple bucket.  It now sits here in my apartment cleaned out holding guess what...yup...crafting supplies! LoL!  So anyway, we were taking the bucket and trying to breathe underwater while holding bucket over our heads.  So we needed entertainment OK...LoL!  It was a great time!
If you want to see more great photo please check these out at the daily blog party. There is something different there everyday for everyone. 

Thanks for stopping by!  More later from me most likely, I have to go create now!
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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

First sale on my Etsy shop was a personal request to create this card ~ Smoking Guardian Angel ~

I had my first sale on Etsy last week and it was a personal request to make this card.  She had stated that she saw a card with a stick figured type angel smoking a cigarette and on that it she wanted it to say "Do You Ever Feel Like Your Guardian Angel Went Out For A Smoke?" 
She said it was up to me to do what I wanted to this card, but just to have that particular saying in it. 

First thing I did was to grab a stick figure then work on the wings.  This was the hardest part...I told everyone that I was going to go blind by the end of the night doing this.

First I had to find wings!  There's a lot of wings out there on the web I'll tell ya that!  So I search high and low and eventually came across these which I fell in love with and thought would be perfect for the card.
What I did to the wings is I clear embossed over the entire pair with the exception of the very top curved portion.
Then after the embossing I then went back over them with a Zig black marker carefully to get all the detail.
Then I used Stickles on the top curved portion.

This is what the wings looked like before anything has been done to them...

This is a picture of the wings after I was finished with them...

Here are two pictures of the wings before and after together...
(here is a side by side view)

(here is a view top and bottom)

For the sun on the front I heat embossed a white piece of paper with yellow, attached that to the front of card, then added the front part of the sun with yellow Stickles.  I also found on photobucket a picture of those ashtrays we see outside and used that.  The cigarette is actually a paint brush with red paint on it that was on an iron-on I had in my stash of supplies.

Here is the card front all put together...

This is up close of the smoking cigarette and wings on the angel...

This is the inside of the card...

The two corners were dry embossed using a stencil then colored in with a purple marker...

I really had fun with this card, I hope the client really likes it!

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A New Card I Made {Self-Pity card} and {Bad Day card}

So I was trying to think of a funny type of card that would be something to uplift someone's mood and this is what I came up with....

This is one card that I hope the person receiving has a good sense of humor, LoL!

Another card that I recently created is sort of on the same basis...To cheer someone up who is just having "One of those days".  Here are pics of that card...

I hope you like these cards.  These are both available on my Etsy Shop!  Enjoy!

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What I am currently working on...

Currently I am working on a mini album.  This mini album will be a sort of "All About Me" book.  This isn't for me or anyone I know, it is being made for me to hopefully sell on my Etsy Shop or at any of the arts & crafts shows I have coming up.

Here are some of the pictures so far that I have completed...

So this is what I have thus far completed on this book.  Do you like?  Any suggestions?  Would love to hear anything you have to say!

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