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Monday, August 2, 2010

3 Craft Show's Coming Up...I'm going to be busy!!! WooT!

I have been in contact with an old friend named Barbara {she has no blog that I am aware of & if I find out I will link later to it},  and she is organizing here in Cincinnati, Ohio "The Yellow Ribbon Support Center Fundraising Event".  She has invited me to come and set up a booth, which I more than happily accepted!  That is on Saturday August 28th, so it's coming soon. 

She has also informed me of another show that is on August 15th so yea, I have to hurry and get ready for that one!  This second one is more geared towards motorcyclist and I am going to have to try and create some cards geared towards that.  I just hope that I can work fast enough to do all these.

Then there is a huge one in Sardinia, Ohio which I may have told you about at Lake Waynoka.  This is where Eric's camper is at and we camp occasionally.  There is a nice beach there as well as an indoor and outside swimming pool, it's a very nice place!  Anyway back to my point at hand...they had invited me to attend when they saw my cards at Lake Waynoka Days a few weeks back.  They said they usually have a turn-out of 400+, so big YEA to that!

So I am off now to create and start working on more cards and try to finish a few mini-albums!  I'll post as I go!

You All Take Care!

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