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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

First sale on my Etsy shop was a personal request to create this card ~ Smoking Guardian Angel ~

I had my first sale on Etsy last week and it was a personal request to make this card.  She had stated that she saw a card with a stick figured type angel smoking a cigarette and on that it she wanted it to say "Do You Ever Feel Like Your Guardian Angel Went Out For A Smoke?" 
She said it was up to me to do what I wanted to this card, but just to have that particular saying in it. 

First thing I did was to grab a stick figure then work on the wings.  This was the hardest part...I told everyone that I was going to go blind by the end of the night doing this.

First I had to find wings!  There's a lot of wings out there on the web I'll tell ya that!  So I search high and low and eventually came across these which I fell in love with and thought would be perfect for the card.
What I did to the wings is I clear embossed over the entire pair with the exception of the very top curved portion.
Then after the embossing I then went back over them with a Zig black marker carefully to get all the detail.
Then I used Stickles on the top curved portion.

This is what the wings looked like before anything has been done to them...

This is a picture of the wings after I was finished with them...

Here are two pictures of the wings before and after together...
(here is a side by side view)

(here is a view top and bottom)

For the sun on the front I heat embossed a white piece of paper with yellow, attached that to the front of card, then added the front part of the sun with yellow Stickles.  I also found on photobucket a picture of those ashtrays we see outside and used that.  The cigarette is actually a paint brush with red paint on it that was on an iron-on I had in my stash of supplies.

Here is the card front all put together...

This is up close of the smoking cigarette and wings on the angel...

This is the inside of the card...

The two corners were dry embossed using a stencil then colored in with a purple marker...

I really had fun with this card, I hope the client really likes it!

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Renee said...

SO cute! LOL You did a great job! :)
I love the text inside!

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