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Sunday, August 8, 2010

My daughter Kristin with a special gift from a special friend!

Last week I had posted a blog here about my daughter Kristin about how special she is and what a hard time she has been having lately.  A very special new friend, Cindy, had posted to her blog this beautiful tag she had created just for Kristin.  I received the tag the other day and had told Kristin that she had a very special gift here waiting for her. 

When I handed her the envelope and she opened it, tears immediately streamed down her cheeks.  She was so overwhelmed and was just so deeply touched by Cindy's gift.  I hugged her and told her that she has a lot of people thinking about her and praying for her.  She cried for a good ten minutes or so, and told me that they were definitely tears of joy and happiness.

So I want to thank you again Cindy from the bottom of my heart for creating this tag for Kristin.  Kristin wanted me to tell you thank you so very much and to let you know that she loves it!  She is a music fanatic and plays the flute as well, so she really loved that you had music notes on this.  She just loves it.

I told her that I wanted to take a pic with her and the tag for this post, she said "OK, but don't take the picture now when I'm crying."  So the pictures below were taken late Saturday evening by Eric my boyfriend.  The first picture shown is the original picture from Cindy's blog  of the tag, the one photo of Kristin with her tongue sticking out was her way of showing she was being her regular goofy silly self.  Although when you look at it, it almost looks as if she's in physical pain and trying to say "Help ME, my tongue is stuck and won't go back into my mouth!" He He!  I don't know, but what I am trying to say is that she was/is so tickled by this gift!

Thank you again Cindy, and thank you to everyone who has prayed for her and kept her in your thoughts.

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Cindy Adkins said...

Oh my gosh Christy,
I had not seen this post!!! I am so thrilled that Kristin liked the tag--I just wanted her to know that someone cares and is thinking all good thoughts for her....she is such a doll!

I didn't know that she is a musician...tell her I am too! I play piano and guitar and had my own record company for 10 years...Now, I understand
her even more--we musicians are very sensitive.

Thank you so much for this beautiful post--It made my day!!
And hugs to Kristin too!

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