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Monday, October 11, 2010

It's been one of those times...

Well, my birthday was this past Friday, the 8th of October and I don't know if it's getting
to me or what...but I have been slouchy {is that a word?} {OK, it's a new word, lol}.  I just can't
seem to get moving with ANYTHING here lately.  It's quite honestly pissing me off.
I think that if I just take tonight though to myself and get caught up on everything that I am behind on, which seems to be A LOT, I will be good to go.  Let's hope.

I spent my actual birthday night at my kids homecoming football game where my daughter plays flute in marching band.  They kicked the other teams butts!!! WooT!!!  Not to mention the fact that our band in almost 3 times as big {and better} than theirs was.  So Friday was a good night indeed.
This is Kristin and her friend Katie on break at the Home Coming game
Kristin is on the left
 Another of Kristin and Katie
 Kristin playing her flute
Kristin and Katie yakking it up lol, picture taken from across the field
Kristin is facing picture
Kevin didn't attend the game though, so I didn't get to see him until yesterday {Sunday}, but I can understand, he was playing HALO REACH and that's way more important than any old football game, lol.

So Sunday I spent with family and friends to do the actual cake and ice cream thing which is always a nice thing to get together. 

This is the only picture I have so far from either of the kiddos from their homecoming dance...
That is Kristin on the right with the hair draped in front of her eyes. Shes beautiful!

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Shelley said...

Happy Birthday Christy!

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