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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010 with my family!!!

I hope everyone had a FANTASTIC holiday!!! I spent it with my kids, Eric's family, and my family and we all had a great time!  I was a little to impatient to give Eric his gift so what I had done was the very day that I wrapped them all; Thursday; was the day he got to open them.
Here are a few pictures from Christmas Eve-Eve, LoL! 
Eric and I were acting silly and well some of these pictures reflect just that!

~I had got Eric a new black jacket and sweats~
 ~Eric is actually tearing up when he opened the Bose headphones he'd been wanting,
he has no idea I was getting them for him~
 ~Eric LOVE's Simon Collins~
 ~The first of many goofy pics of us this night~ 
 ~Looking up at the camera~
 ~The deep gaze into each others eyes~

Next our pictures of the Kevin and Kristin taken yesterday {Christmas}

~Kristin LOVE Alice in Wonderland, so here is the actual script with autographs
of the original cartoon version - needless to say she freaked-out~
 ~Kevin's new obsession is the Alien movies, so he got the Alien Quadrology which
actually has NINE DVD's in it!~
 ~Kevin Kristin and myself on Christmas~

I hope that you all had a grand Christmas yesterday also, I will be posting more tomorrow!  I plan to scrap some pages out of some pictures that were taken.
Until then, you all have a pleasant night and be safe!
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Shelley said...

Hi Christy! It looks like you had a great Christmas! Hope you have a Happy New Year!

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