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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I have DYSPHONIA {it's explained down below}

Hello everyone!  For some of you, you already know that I have been having problems with my throat for some time now.  Around the first of October to be exact.  Well I have had throughout these last two months had a very sore throat, sinusitis, an ear infection, and then to top it all off a horrible cough that sounds well, horrible, LoL!  So now I am left with presently, the sniffles, the horrible cough which is getting somewhat better, still sounds bad though, and the main thing I have now or don't have is my voice.  It started out as kind of a raspy voice which wasn't to bad, then it got to the point that towards the end of the day talking hurt me so bad.  Now I am reduced to a whisper and finally got into see my ENT Dr. today {ENT = Ear, Nose, & Throat}. 

Oh it was so much fun there at the Dr's, NOT!  He put this spray in my nose to numb me all up to place a scope down to see my vocal chords.  He had me "attempt" to make some noises while looking through the scope, which was kind of amusing, but never-the-less, I could barely make the noises.
He was finished and then said to me that nothing looked cancerous ~which I was a wee bit worried about b/c I have never had laryngitis THIS long and really didn't know what to think~.  He did say that I have Dysphonia which I have researched on here and if you chose to follow the link it will give you more information about it if you are interested.  Basically what he did for me today was prescribed me some steroids "Methylprednisone" and I am to take that for 6 days.  I guess that is to help with swelling, I am not sure.  I guess I'll have to look this up as well.  But the main thing he wants me to do is go to a "Voice Specialist" to basically as he put it, to re-learn how to use my voice.  He said that without that help I would most likely talk like this permanently and I am a I cannot afford to not talk! LOL!
So I have already made my appointment for the Voice Specialist and the quickest they could get me in wasn't until December 16th, which is 2 weeks away! I am still researching thing Dysphonia to see what more I can learn about it.  At least I am on the right path to getting better.
I want to thank everyone who has kept me in their prayers and thoughts during this long period of time of frustration, lol.  I guess I have had laryngitis before but it always went away, Ive never had it for this long and yes, it has become very frustration to me as well as to others.  I can't talk and when I do talk...they can't here me!  Arggh. But I am looking at it positively now, since I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel!
Take care everyone!

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Parsley said...

Gee Christy, that's terrible. I hope you recover soon!

Linda said...

Hi Christy

I hope that you recover soon and wish you all the best
hugs Linda

Anonymous said...

Geez! I'm sorry I didn't follow your link earlier. How is you throat/voice now?

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