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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Birthday Card & Giveaway Information!!!

Good Evening everyone!!!!  It's nearly midnight here and I am right in the middle of creating an Elmo card for Eric's cousins baby's 1st Birthday!!!  I was asked to make THREE birthday cards for Eric's cousin Mark along with an anniversary card for Mark to give to his wife.  I am thrilled to do this!
Now I just made Mark a birthday card the other day because his B-Day is tomorrow {July 31st}.
Here is a picture of what I made for him:

This is the card closed, you may be able to tell that the gift is what is holding it shut.
This is a special tri-fold card that I think turned out wonderful!

This is before Eric and I signed the card for Mark, this is the inside.

Giveaway Information!!!
Now I want to tell you about a giveaway happening HERE
There are some very awesome prizes to win!!!  So please check it out!
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Cole Meyer said...

Wow! Great bday card. And it sounds like you are being kept busy -- and anyone who has seen your work, knows why you are in such high demand.

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