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Friday, November 18, 2011

I got the Instructor position at Michael's

Hi everyone! I wanted to share some wonderful news with you all.
I had interview for Scrapbook Instructor position at Michael's Wednesday and I got it!!!
I go in Monday morning to fill out all the paperwork and what not.  I got a tour of the store and saw the classroom where I will be teaching.  I am so super excited about this.  I have so many ideas running in my head.
Well I will be back soon with more projects that I am working on this evening...or night lol.
Thanks for stopping by as always and take care!

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ike said...

Oh COSMIC news Christy - well done you.!! Many Congrats. I wish I could come to your classes :-( Now I've actually seen a photo of Michael's and I can see what it is :-D Have fun in your new venture
Mega Hugz
Ike xxxxx

Mary Gregor said...

Congratulations Chrisy. You will do a great job.
Don't forget to share some of your ideas.

Shelley said...

That is so awesome Christy!! Congrats, you will do great.

Kristina said...

Wow congrats on your job, I know your so happy about this and I am happy for you!! I love Micheal's I shop there all the time! Too bad your not at my local Micheal's LOL!
I totally love the new look of your blog too!

Skylark said...

Congratulations on the job wish I lived in america to go to all the craft shops I live in the uk and my local shop is small but it is closing down

Sara said...

Congrats Christy!!! This is awesome news!!! Way To Go!!!

Cole Meyer said...

Congratulations, Christy!!

Addicted Scrapper said...


I work at a Michael's in IL as a seasonal employee and they just told me that they are going to hire me on and that I will be hired on to instruct also but I need to be certified now...YAY!!!

What can be better then having a career in the field we love!!


Ally said...

thats awesome wd

Bonita Rose said...

so so happy for you about this! xo

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