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Monday, March 12, 2012

The Cincinnati Art Museum

Hello my friends!  I wanted to share with you my trip to the Cincinnati Art Museum that Kristin and I went to on Sunday.  First of all the day itself couldn't have been better.  The weather was perfect and the sun was shining so bright.  Very good day for an outing I thought.  So I picked Kristin up around 11:30 and we immediately headed down to Eden Park where the Art Museum is located.  The drive through Eden Park itself was beautiful and a treat to see.  I rarely get to this part of town so it is sweet when I see it on a good day.  I guess the best part of the trip to and from was that I didn't get lost or turned around or anything!  
This was Kristin's first time going to the museum and I was thinking to myself when I suggested it to her, how can she not have gone once!  I mean she does art, she's going to be attending The Cincinnati Art Institute come July. She loved it all!  She soaked it all in and read about everything we saw.  She was also explaining different types of art to dear old mom who knows squat about certain things relating to painting. So I learned a lot today from her, which is nice to have happen once in a while.
I was most impressed when she would see some sculptures and paintings and just off the top of her head before looking who the artist was would be correct in the name of the art piece and the artist.  Can you tell I am a proud momma! 
So I took some pictures of some things that I liked.  They are currently having exhibits on Monet and Picasso which meant we could not take any pictures of their works.  Which was a shame b/c I really like Picasso. 
But here are the photos that I took with my cell phone.  Some of my pictures disappeared off my phone however, but I think what I did was not wait long enough before I press a certain button on it and in doing that I lost pictures before they had a chance to save automatically.  So the items that I will show you I haven't a clue as to who the artist is, the date, the name of the art work.  If you recognize any feel free to fill me in on who/what/etc.

This is the front of the Art Museum 

This is a marbled top desk and it is gorgeous!

Thought this to be interesting piece

Another piece of furniture

Angel Sculpture 

This was in the exhibit of things 6000 years old

From the 6000 Year Old exhibit 

This was so impressive that I instantly fell in love!

This vase is beautiful 

This happens to be just one of the pieces Kristin picked out and knew everything about before reading it on the wall.

I hope you like these few pictures I've shared with you.  I will have more as Kristin took a ton and hopefully hers were not lost as a lot of mine were.

Teaching at Michaels is still AWESOME!  I have two classes tomorrow back to back.  I've got excellent students and they have so much enthusiasm that teaching them is shear joy to me!  
Something else happened that is good news...I am going to teach a short course at a retirement community starting in May.  So I have been working at getting some things done so that I can tell the Middletown Art Center what the supplies, description, etc. will all be.

Thank you so very much for dropping by.  I hope you have a wonderful day, see you soon!

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ike said...

Glad you had a FAB time - cool photos :-) I am pleased that your teaching continues to go well. Hugz xxxxxxx

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