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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Getting things in order

Hello my crafting friends!  I hope you're enjoying the weekend so far.  I know I am really having a nice one.  Started out on Saturday getting ready for work then I headed out to purchase some items that I found on Craigslist.  I bought a Wii Balance Board, Wii Fit game

 Mario Galaxy

 Rayman Raving Rabbids

 and for the X-Box 360 I got Transformers: The Dark of the Moon game

All of this for only...
Usually just the Balance Board and Wii Fit game are $90 in the we basically got 3 games free.  So I am very happy.  Well Eric and I are very happy.  Guess which game is for Eric...hehe. 

So I am busy getting things together for some upcoming Craft Shows here in town.  I am gathering information and contacting this person and that person, sending in applications. Most importantly I am trying to get a plan down of what I want to make so I will have a good mixture of items to sell.  I will be sharing a booth with a fellow instructor from Michael's.  She is the jewelry instructor.  So our booth will have a lot of different items which I hope will help us both.

I will be sure to post everything here so you can see.  I hope you all take care and thank you again for stopping by.  Have a great Sunday.

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