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Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Monday

Hi friends how are you today?  It's a WINDY day here in Cincinnati, Ohio.  I am looking out the window now and seeing trees bend over ever so easily with the force of this wind.  It sounds horrible out but it is in fact a gorgeous sunny day.  Just excessively windy.  Cannot wait to go to work in this and spend time fixing the hair only to have it destroyed the moment I walk out the door.

I created 2 cards so far to share with you on here:
This first one is called 
Extra! Extra!

Extra! Extra! {inside of card}

The next is called:
Rose Girl
On this one you may be able to see that I have raised the butterfly to be 3D
and have also added some Glaze to some petals on the roses

This is really all I have today to share.  I am in the process of creating and organizing my thoughts today.

Yesterday I had Kevin and Abby over and really got a chance to start getting to know her.  She is such a delight!  Very sweet and her sense of humor is AWESOME! We watched a movie and then took some pictures and then played a game called Loaded Questions which I've had for nearly a year now and have NEVER played until last night. It was so much fun and I recommend it highly!  Very fun game to play with group.
This is them holding my Peanut...aka Jiggles!  Such a sweet couple they are!

Take care everyone and I will be here with more tomorrow!


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Agree, very cute!

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