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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

And the hits keep on coming...Good hits that is!

Hello my crafty ones!  Hope you're all doing well.  I will start off by telling you that my baby-girl who went to get fixed Monday is doing great!  Thank God.  I had to pick her up this morning {Tuesday morning that is} at 7:30, well I tell you what...I was so excited and anxious to get her that I was there before 7.  I still had to wait til 7:30 though, but it was well worth it. This is funny though, Eric took a picture of her a little bit ago and she looked sooo mad.  I mean I have never even seen her look this way.  Now they did tell me that they gave her an injection of pain medicine that would stay in her system for a few days so that may be what the look was for.  Here is what I am talking about:
mean right!  Now look at her in another picture:

This here is much better. She pretty much slept here the whole day 
Now tomorrow {today rather - Wednesday} is Boogers turn to get fixed
I only have the one cat carrier so that is why different days. So this should be fun catching her and getting her into the carrier.  This cat HATES to be held unless it's on her terms and that itself is a rarity.  She's a sweet kitty, just hyper and spastic. 

While I was sitting here tonight I grabbed an old Cricut cartridge box and sanded it a bit and then painted it:

then added some paper to it:

this is as far as I got but I like it so far.  I do plan to make at least this old box into a card set box.  They are nice because they already have that magnetic closure on there.

I was a very busy person today.  First went to the vet at 7:30, then came home and created 6 cards for Michael's samples for some upcoming classes, worked on the card sets for next Monday's first class at Mt. Pleasant, created 2 blank layouts, organized more in the craft room, the Cricut box, and...I think that is it. No, wait...I also worked on a different scrapbook layout for something else today as well.  Whew, been a busy one!

Here are some of the cards for Michael's upcoming class:

they are all in plastic sleeves.  
Speaking of Michael's, I have some new exciting news.  Last Thursday when I went to another location to get all the furniture, I spoke with the manager there about them needing a scrapbook instructor.  Soooo guess who is now the instructor at not one but TWO STORES now?!  So I will be the instructor at Mason and Colerain.  Two stores both on separate sides of the earth, LoL.  I go into the Mason store tomorrow {Thursday} to meet with the CEM  to get the schedule for June ready!  I will also bring in samples for these classes.  I am so excited! 

Have you ever heard of it's a place online where you can swap cards and whatever, it's a really neat place.  I was in a swap and it was for bookmarks.  Here is what I received so far:
They are very nice!  This book is awesome to, The Guerilla Art Kit by Keri Smith.  I recommend anything by Keri Smith.  I also have her book "How To Be An Explored Of The World" very good and fun books she has.

OK I must get going now but I wanted to show you where Eric and I hung that word art on the wall:
I wish the words were just a bit larger but I am OK with this for now.

Take care everyone and thanks again for stopping by!


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