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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I love popcorn!

Hello my crafty friends!
It's still officially Tuesday and I wanted to write this before weeks had past.  I had my 2nd of 3 classes for the Mt. Pleasant Retirement Village yesterday and while everything I guess went OK...there were so many things that went nutty; at least to me anyway. First of all I think the whole thing just started when we had an extra person who was NOT supposed to be there but we all I think felt bad for her and let her stay.  This of course is where it all went downhill...I only have enough card kits for those who paid for and signed up which was 8.  One student gave all her kits to the other woman and then this other woman instead of listening and waiting for my directions, opened up all the kits at once and proceeded to put them together all wrong.  Then when I would be talking about a specific card and a specific piece, she would have me come to her and say I didn't get that and I would have to point out to her that she's already attached said piece to another card.  That continued throughout the whole class which I know frustrated the others because this extra person really was starting to monopolize my time.  I felt so bad and also between a rock and a hard place as to what to do.  Well so you have all this and then I was asked to trim another students card for her which I did and as I handed it back to her it fell yes I completely cut the folding edge off the card leaving it in 2 pieces.  I felt like I was going to cry right there.  I apologized profusely to her and gave her the card I had made for that sample. I was told by the activity director that she was going to try and fix the extra person situation and she also told me that I had received nothing but praise from all students and that I shouldn't worry about the cut card and the woman taking most of my time.
Here are the cards we made yesterday

The birdcage card above was cut out with my Cricut E2 using the Ultimate Creative Series Sampler.  I love this cartridge because for one it retail went for $99.00 and I got it on E-Bay for I believe $30.00.  So that's reason enough yeah?  And me being the OCD person that I am, I had to of course count just how many different cartridges are represented on this Sampler cart.  72 different carts are on here!!!  It came with 6 overlays and only one cartridge but in a thicker box.  Very good investment even if you pay the $99.

There was another card but like I said I gave it away before I took a picture of it.  Next week we are going to make some bookmarks and cards.  I cannot wait!!!  These women are amazing and so sweet and nice.  Very fun to talk with!

I also received a welcome kit from Let's Make Greeting Cards for making their Design Team.  Ohhh I do not know if you realize how much I LOVE Echo Park paper and guess what one of the kits was?  Yeppers...the Echo Park This & That: Graceful Collection Kit which comes with 12-12x12 double sided papers, 12x12 element stickers and 12x12 Alphabet stickers.  Let me tell you this is an awesome kit to play with!

Also in the welcoming kit was the Scenic Park Surprise Kit which includes 12x12 die cut sheet, 1 package of 7 clear stamps, Set of White Chipboard Alphas, 6-12x12 double sided papers

Then there was another kit and it is the S.E.I. Simple Set Kit which comes with 1 12x12 sticker sheet of alphas, 12x12 die sheet of Savvy Tags, 4 sheets of patterned vellum -2 striped & 2 circles, 6- 12x12 sheets of patterned paper

Then to put all these goodies in Rochelle sent us all a Little Yellow Bicycle bag to put it all in 

So thank you so very much Rochelle for your welcome gifts!  They are wonderful and I am enjoying playing with them.

I have been shopping again too...starting to like the Spellbinders die cuts more and more.  Here is one more that I picked up at Michael's last week...oh side note, you can use your 40% off coupons on all Spellbinders too which is an awesome plus!
Spellbinders Labels 18
Here is another one that just came in the mail yesterday that I won from E-Bay
Spellbinders Home Sweet Home
Well this is all I have for now.  I have quite a bit to do yet this evening-crafty wise that is.  So I need to get to it.  Thank you again for stopping by and I will chat with you soon!
Take Care Everyone!

Oh, the reason for the title of this post...I am munching on some buttered popcorn!



Just Ruthie said...

Don't get frustrated about your class :) I know how much effort you put into it and you must be disappointed. But in the greater scheme of things, you are given these women alot more than some classes on cardmaking. I think they appreciate the company and attention a lot more xoxo
ps. I'm on a hunt for that ultimate creative series sampler! Its too cute. My fav cartridge right now is the "give a hoot". Its too cute.

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