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Monday, May 7, 2012

Let's Get Started!

Good morning my crafty friends! Hope you had a good weekend.  I had a decent one, busy but decent.  I have been up all night because I couldn't sleep thinking about my kittybear going to the vet today.  I know I am a worry wart but I cannot help it.  
To help pass some of the time last night I decided to get out the little wooden words that I bought last week at Michael s and paint them.  I do not know if you know this about me or not but I love polka dots.  So I painted them all different colors and gave them all some cute little dots all over.

I think they are to cute!  I was thinking about making some sort of a mobile and hanging from ceiling then I thought as I looked around the room that this bare wall would be the perfect place for them
I would put them directly over where the lamp and the files are.  Put them out in a random scattered fashion.  I cannot wait to do this!
Oh I got a few more things yesterday and Saturday from Michael's.  First off Michael's gave all the Scrapbook Instructors the option to buy the Sophisticated Cricut cartridge at a special price and you know I had to jump on that. 

 I also got a new Smash* Book because we are going to have a new class all about the Smash* Books.  I got a blank on so that I can tailor it towards a class.  The orange Simple book is what I got. Along with some of the newer accessories.

  Then I picked up some stamps that were to good of deals to pass up. This first one here was only 1.99 and these are all large stamps.  The other two were buy 2 for $6.00, again great deals!

Well it's nearly 6:30 and I must get ready to take my baby to the vet.  I have to be there by 8 and I am taking Effie {Eric's mom} with me for company.  She's a great woman! So take care everyone and have a great day!



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