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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cricut Wall Art With The Word Collage Cartridge

Hello everyone!  It's a stormy evening here on the East side of Cincinnati...bleah.  All the same though I have been busy crafting with the Cricut E2 today. 

Cricut Wall Art
I have been wanting to use this cartridge for so long now that I am thrilled I was able to work with it this afternoon.  The Word Collage cartridge
If you know this cartridge then you know that there is a slew of cute word art on it.  
I chose to do the one that has all the scrapbook words on it..yea big surprise there!
First I cut out the pink vinyl on my Cricut Expression 2 with the blade set on 4, speed on 3 and pressure on 3.  Putting the blade on 4 was just fine for this project and didn't hurt the vinyl at all or cut all the way through the backing.  In fact this was my second cut and the first was blade setting 3 and it didn't do very well.
After it was through cutting I peeled off the excess vinyl carefully making sure that all letters stayed put in the correct place.
Then came time to "weed" through the image and take out any small pieces left over such as the insides of letters
I took my Provo Craft transfer sheet covered completely my image after I had it all the way it needed to be, burnished it really good, adhered it to my paper, burnished it again and began to peel back SLOWLY and at about a 45 degree angle
Here is the result
I adhered it to a yellow piece of card stock
I then framed it and will soon hang it over where one of my Cricuts sits.  I really am glad with how this turned out.  I debated with using a "Cricut" green but obviously decided on favorite color.

I hope you like this and as always take care and thank you so much for stopping by!  Have a great night.


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