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Monday, August 13, 2012

New Card For Let's Make Greeting Cards & Altered Tin To Put Your Keys In

Hello everyone!  I wanted to share with you the first of four cards that I will be sharing during this week.  This is a card that I created for Let's Make Greeting Cards Design Team.  
Summer Card
This is a View Finder card that has four different views when you turn the notched dial of Summer related items.  Here is what the notched card stock looked like before I placed it into my card.
So you will see each one of these as you turn the dial.
For my tutorial of this card please click on the link to be taken there in another window.  Also while you're at the Let's Make Greeting Cards site, please check out the rest of the Design Team members creations and tutorials; they are outstanding! 

Altered Tin For Your Keys
We got a small new table today from a yard sale.  I want to keep it clear of clutter and not just another place to rest things on.  I knew we all needed a place to put our keys when we walk in the door & thought that this table would be a wonderful place to put a little tin for them.

Materials I used are:

Here is what the tin looked like when I started

I took the Gesso & applied it to the top portion of the tin and the very bottom of the tin which is where I was going to paint

I used the paint on the top and bottom areas

Then take the two pieces of patterned paper and use Mod Podge to apply them to the tin.  Doing so by centering the papers at the center of the longer sides and wrapping around to the smaller ends.  After the paper dried I used the Polycrylic to add some shine and seal it.
I wanted to add a little more to this but not to much and found this perfect piece of off-white lace
Here is my final project on the new table

I hope you like this project and my It's Summer card. 
I will have more soon to show you.

Take care and thank you so very much for stopping by today!



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