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Thursday, January 23, 2014

All About Me For You #1 - What are your name ingredients?

Hello friends!!!  
Welcome to the first "All About Me For You" post.  I sure think you will like this little project.  After all it's one thing to leave a scrapbook and this is a great thing to do.  But what this project is doing is getting into your head so to speak.  It's asking those questions that can personal and things that are informative as well as fun.  So I hope you join me in this little endeavor.  

For this first week we are discovering all about our name.

  1. What Are Your Name Ingredients?
    1. Who picked your name - mom, dad, grandparent
    2. Are you named after anyone or given your name for any particular reason
    3. What does your name mean
    1. Do you have a nick name & if so what is it, do you use it more than your given name

Now What?

Be creative with your name and make some word art

For example:
 1. Make doodles in your name or out of your name

2. Make little faces  in the letters

 3. Spell something out using your letters from your name 

  4. Anything you want to do

The tag in the adjacent pocket has my answers the above questions regarding my "Name Ingredients". I do hope you join me in this weekly adventure on getting to know yourself and recording it all in a fun and creative way.

Create yourself today!

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