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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Insomnia Bites

I have suffered from insomnia for a long time now it seems. I don't know the last time I was able to go a whole week or even 3 days in a row sleeping at night. I know that this just messes me up all around, I am yawning now as a matter of fact but sleep I will not. I've been up all night again.

Part of my trouble is that I have such God awful nightmares and I honestly hate to sleep. I use to love to sleep and just couldn't wait til night to come. Now I dread it. Don't get me wrong, I mean I do things in the night while everyone is sleeping...I make cards or scrapbook mainly. Get caught up on paper work or clean. I do kind of like the alone time and the solitude of the night. I remember I would get angry when I was not left alone in the night to have "Christy's time". Now I don't really care, because I have a bigger place now that I am kind of alone anyway.

I created this LO with a cute lil' Garfield sleeping on a pillow b/c it represents what I want, peace and comfort. I would love to relax like that at night and just aaaaaah, sleep.


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