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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Much Harder Than I Thought, Need Some Help

This is so much harder than last time. So far I am becoming the most irritable person I know. I am just one big fit of BLAH waiting to go off at aNytHiNG!!! I WANT A CIGARETTE SO BAD!!!!

The last time that Iquit and was on the Chantix pill I did great, I went over 3 months with not a one puff! Not even really wanting one or real cravings. Now I don't know what't going on!?! Im frustrated at that. I mean this pill is supposed to help right? It did before, why not now? ARGGHhh!

I am trying to drink a lot of water as well. I know that if I get the nic-0-crap out of my system, that will help. Doesn't help when I am puffing here and there though.

I just wish I knew of something to help me when I get the cravings and then get so angry when I tell myself "no". I mean I can try meditation or something, but I know for a fact that that won't help this, at least not at the beginning when the cravings are so bad and I get so moody with it.

Any ideas?


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