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Monday, November 30, 2009

My lack of patience, the phone charger, and Suzie's advice...

Have you ever had one of those days where you just knew your gut instinct was dead on? That you were so right about the situation and you knew it all and nothing or noone could tell you different. Ever have one where you thought that and you were dead OFF? Well that was me this past week with Jeff. Yes, we have officially had our first fight over something soooo stupid and small, and I even went to the lenght of telling him that it was over between us. WOW!!! Christy, what a fool you made of yourself! Let me tell you all that happened:
It was this past Wednesday, the day before Gobble Day (as I have officially dubbed it). Jeff came down on Tues. as planned and talked about how his mom wanted to see him during the holiday, which I can completely understand. So Weds. afternoon around 2:30 Jeff said he was going to goto KY. to see his family which was about 45-60 minutes away from my place here in Ohio. 'I'll be back around 6-6:30 and we will go out to dinner then...blah blah blah'. Again, I have absolutely no quams with this at all, I was all for it. So 6 comes and theres no word from Jeff, 6:30...still no word. I didn't hear from him until 12:40AM that night. Needless to say Christy was a wee bit worried and ticked-off as well. When he contacted me, he merely text me, no phone call. He said he would call me when he got to his grandmothers place where everyone was meeting up at. (I must back-track...he said his grandma was in hospital and had a stroke. He was not thinking straight and that was his reason for not calling me.) So he text "I will call when I get there", no call was ever made nor received. Again, Christy was none too happy.
So the next day, after I was up the whole night wondering what was going on with Jeff and I, I decided to text him and ask what his plans were for the response. I called, no answer. So my mind is of course going EVERYWHERE WRONG & EVIL at this point. Who is he really with, what's really going on? Blah blah blah!?!? So I text him and said forget it, we are done. Still no responce even from that, which I was shocked alittle at.
I ended up spendind Gobble Day alone, which is what I really wanted. I was in no shape to face family, I was to angry and sad. I didn't want to be a downer on their day.
So in the middle of the night again around 11 or 12 that same evening, Jeff text me and we were able to communicate some. I do not like to do these sort of things over text, its silly to me to do that. He wouldn't call me still, but he was texting me continually for about 45 mins to an hour or so. I felt some better, he and I made up as best a couple can through texting.
He called the next morning and his voice was so good to hear and we talked more and now things are back to normal. I will get to see my sweetie tomorrow (Tues 12-1-09) for the first time since all this happened and I can't wait to just get a huge bear hug from him.

Now...the phone charger, lol...well, you see he kinda left that here and I threw it away. No biggie right? Yeah that's what I thought, I figured he won't be coming back here so he won't need this anymore, it's trash, its gone. So I'm talking to Suzie a little after I pitched the charger and she asked me "Did you cut it up?", "NO! But what a great idea!" So yea, I am buying him a NEW WHOLE charger now as I type (Tami is getting it for me with my $). LOL!!!

So that is what happened to me over my Holiday. It was horrible. If I had MORE PATIENCE IN ME, none of this would have happened. I really need to learn how to practice patience. Anyone have any advice on that they could tell me? As you read, I need it. I could have lost something great, possibly the best thing in my life (man wise).


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