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Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Personal Challenge "Book A Month"

I was sitting here talking to Tami (roommate - you'll see this name a lot), and discussing how I have so many books ~ (3 full bookcases and then some) ~ and how little I have actually read. I mean I bet you out of all of those books I have only read or started to read only a very small handful of them. Don't get me wrong, I do love the books I have, or at least WANT to love them and know them inside and out but just have a hard time reading.

I have ADD and I think that had a big thing to do with why I read very little. I found it hard to get into books or finish them. So here is what I have decided to do. Every month starting this month, I am going to read one book. I know that to some one book take only a few days, but with me I am just a very slow reader and take me awhile. If I can get more in and have time, I will. I think I am going to like this. It is not a challenge that is so far over the top that I can't accomplish it, it is attainable.

Here is the first book I have chosen to read:
Book Title: 1603: A Turning Point in British History
Author: Christopher Lee
Pages: 368
Book Description:
1603 was the year that Queen Elizabeth I, the last of the Tudors, died. Her cousin, Robert Carey, immediately rode like a demon to Scotland to take the news to James VI. The cataclysmic time of the Stuarts had come and the son of Mary Queen of Scots left Edinburgh for London to claim his throne as James I of England.

Diaries and notes written in 1603 describe how a resurgence of the plague killed nearly 40,000 people. Priests blamed the sins of the people for the pestilence, witches were strangled and burned and plotters strung up on gate tops. But not all was gloom and violence. From a ship's log we learn of the first precious cargoes of pepper arriving from the East Indies after the establishment of a new spice route; Shakespeare was finishing Othello and Ben Jonson wrote furiously to please a nation thirsting for entertainment.

1603 was one of the most important and interesting years in British history. Christopher Lee, acclaimed author of This Sceptred Isle, unfolds its story from first-hand accounts and original documents to mirror the seminal year in which Britain moved from Tudor medieval ism towards the wars, republicanism and regicide that lay ahead.
I really hope that I succeed with this and EVERY monthly goal. I think I will become a more rounded individual. I have a lot of classics here as well that I want to sink my teeth into. As well as a lot of non-fiction covering topics A to Z.


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