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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Food?!? What's That?!?

Well as it is slowly turning into Christmas Eve/Day, I am going now for what seems like a long time on mac/cheese, instant potatoes, and instant pancakes...oh let's not forget a few rolls of TP and no kleenex to boot so my body of course decides to get sick now and I have to use the little bit of TP that's left as tissue to blow my freakin nose. :( I have never been so poor in my life than I am at this moment. I am not trying to get pity, I am venting.

I just am having hard time getting in Christmas mood when I feel like crap and would rather crawl into a hole instead of show myself in this state. I didn't go overboard on Christmas gifts for anyone this year and while in my present state of finances is a good thing, I feel bad because I usually DO go all out for everyone. I didn't even send out any cards this year, which is unlike me. Maybe I am being a Scrooge, or a Grinch...I just know that I am very unhappy this year compared to all other Christmas's past.

I'm optimistic though, so I am hoping for a better New Year!


Photographing Mom said...

It's difficult being sick at the holidays! Hope you get feeling better!!

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