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Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'm so proud of my kiddo's Kevin and Kristin

Just this past Monday, the 1st of February, the school they attend had a walk out to get voters attention to show them how important it was for the 3rd attempt in a year to get a levy passed. I am just so very proud of Kevin and Kristin for taking part in this, their first rally/protest/voter awareness...what have you.

Kevin is a Junior at Little Miami HS and is very active in the track team and Kristin is a Sophomore who is on the golf team who's coach has mentioned more than once to her that she is scholarship material when it comes to the sport. The levy DID NOT PASS, and so I do not know what the future will bring for Kevin and Kristin and the other students there. It's not just sports that are being cut, but music could possibly be cut entirely and Kristin has played the flute for LM since she was in Jr High and is VERY GOOD, I might add :). AP classes are also being cut, larger classrooms are being formed which puts a hinder on everyone!

They say the next step is that the State of Ohio will take over the run of the school, but I heard today they are going to try once more with a new levy vote.

So let's hope that this isnt the end for my kids future at their school and that they will have an excellent education to carry on with them to college.


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