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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Kevin's 18th & Kristin's 16th Birthday Celebration!!!

I still cannot believe that I am the mom of an 18 year old son and a 16 year old daughter. I tell you that I couldn't be more pleased with these two. As they have made my life something worthwhile and something to look forward to in the future.
This picture above is when Kevin and Kristin where first starting to open their gifts from everyone. They just are so photogenic, that's just because they are so good looking :) LoL Ok ok, I'm a little biased...what mother isn't?
I got Kevin a really nice leather wallet and then put some cash in it along with Tami's gift which was a pre-paid credit card and this is the look on his face when he realized what it was...LoL! Now he's official, as he said. He walked around the whole afternoon with that card in his hands and just thought he was "IT"! It was great!!!

I decided that since this was Kristin's Sweet 16, she deserved something special to signify the day and to let her know how truly priceless she is to me.
So I got her a heart shaped ring in her birthstone of Garnet with little cz stones on each side of it. It's a beautiful ring and she just fell in love with it. I hope she never forgets how much she is loved whenever she looks at that ring.

The day was a definite success and I learned again how beautiful and priceless my kids are. Not that I ever forget that, but when a special day comes you see it in such a way that really makes you step back and look at them, I mean REALLY LOOK at these two. Kevin has got to be the most innocent creature on this planet, he is so kind, caring, and so sweet in his tender ways with others. He's right there to stick up for someone and to help another out. Kristin is a thing of beauty in her own right as well. She has a mind and a will of her own that can be called nothing but strong. I so look forward to seeing how these two turn out and what becomes of their lives and what directions they will take. I know that I am a sappy mom, and I will most likely cry as they move on as I already have. I love you Kevin and Kristin, you are what makes up my heart and my life couldn't have been what it is without you both in it. I am so proud to be your mom Kevin, and your mommy Kristin.


Anonymous said...

Christy, you have a lovely family and rightly proud of them. I am a mother of three grown ups and have 12 grandchildren. My daughter is my best friend and is in contact with me daily Her brother also keeps in touch, However my first born hasn't been geting on with them. He's had a lot of problems since an early age and suffers from depression so I know what your going through. We can only be there for them and tell them we love them but we can't live their lives for them. Depression is such a difficult illness to deal with cause we don't really know what to do to make things better for them. I have enjoyed reading about your cats. I dont have any pets cause I'm practically housebound and wouldn't be able to take them out or feed them when my husband Andrew is at work. I'm off now to have a look at your cards again. I like your cards very much. You are very talented. Take Care Lilian x

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