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Friday, February 19, 2010

A Little Late - My Word Of The Year--> Responsible!

I have never chosen a word to go by for a year until now, so this should be interesting. I thought long and hard about the word before choosing it and when I picked "responsible", it just seemed to fit. I know that I need to work on a lot of things that require responsibility which may be why I chose this word. I figure it is time for me to get on with improving myself and to stop relying on everyone else to do everything else for me and for me to take the responsibility.

I need to take better care of myself when it comes to my medication, this is also why I chose this word. I want to become healthier in 2010, and I think I didn't want to say "I want to go to the gym x amount of times and eat this or that". But rather, take responsibility for what it is I do eat and what activities I do partake in and don't partake in. It all add up to me and equals out to being a more responsible person who takes control of her health.


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