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Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm Back With More

Tada! I'm back!!! {again} Yesterday; June 27, 2010 my family got together to celebrate my brother David's 41st birthday. It was a perfect evening and a lot of laughs and fun was had by all. Last night was also the first time Eric met my brother, Lisa (sister-in-law), and nephew Zack. They all got along great and everyone seemed to just click, which is what I was hoping for. Zack my nephew is a character and is just so cute! I was making him giggle everytime I put on my reading glasses {perhaps I REALLY DO look goofy in them} Hehe!
This picture was taken by my mom who had just said something that just shocked and tickled me to no end which explains the reaction on my face. I really like the picture though because it is natural and genuine smiles from Eric & myself.This creative picture was designed by Eric. He came up with the idea for it and I just thought it so silly that I had to post. I love it!
So today I have been busy at work again making more cards. I only did two today because I have to {still} organize more things in my craft area. I am ALMOST completely finished with it, just have to organize a few drawers and then I'll be all done...hopefully! {yeah right} I just keep getting more & more items that I have to put SOMEWHERE~ As of right now, everything has a place to call it's home. I mean I even have my paper organized by color which let me tell you was not an easy task when dealing with tons of patterned paper. But just a few drawers that hold my embellishments which is actually 6 drawers {2 storage units w/ 3 drawers each}. I have so many embellishments but they are my weakness, I'll admit to that.
This card is entitled You & Me Wired Heart Card:

This card is entitles Thoughtfulness Flower Card:
I hope you enjoy what I have done & I will try to be back tomorrow with more!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

I wanted to share with you...

This is my new logo for "Christine's Handmade Creations", what do you think? I personally love it! Eric created it for me and did a superb job on it.
You'll notice that it is a ".net" rather than ".com" as was the old website. This website is not fully functional as of right now, but I am in the building process. I do hope that you will visit it when it is up and running which I will let you know A.S.A.P.!
In the meantime, I have been hard at work creating new cards and working on an "About Me" booklet that is of the fill-in-the-blank nature. This booklet is the first of many that I intend to create. I will supply photo's of what I have completed so far of the booklet soon. I promise!

As for the cards, I have learned a new technique that I had been reluctant to try. I found out however that I am falling in love with it. It is "Iris Folding" and below are a two cards that were created using this technique.

The first card shown just happens to be the first card I made "Thank You" card:

Second card is a Birthday card that I made for my brother David:

This is a Get Well card which is made from glittered textured patterned paper (a little hard to tell from the photo ~sorry about that~):
This was made for Father's Day and Eric in turn gave to his dad and it was well liked by all: I have been hard at work with Eric's continuous help in organizing all my supplies and planning my work for creating original and beautiful cards for all. I want to thank those who have been patient with me as well as supportive while I have been in this stage of the business. I have found a new love in my life (yes Eric is the my love) but as far as work, I truly enjoy this and love to wake up everyday and begin a new project. To see the end result brings such satisfaction to me that words cannot truly express how I feel.
So please stop by often as I will be posting weekly (if not daily) progress of what is going on with CHC (Christine's Handmade Creations).