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Friday, July 9, 2010

Advice needed on ATC's, plus more information on new charity we are joining forces with, and more cards of course!

I bet you're wondering "what's with all the congratulation cards?", well let me tell you. The yahoo group I belong to is having a card swap and this particular swap calls for a congratulation card. So that is why I have been posting so many new "Congrats" and "Congratulations" cards. I have had a blast making them. I cannot wait to see what the other's in the group send out. I am sure they are gorgeous :)

The other cards are for general and hopefully I will be able to sell some at next weekend's event in Sardinia, Ohio.

I am going to also start working on more Christmas cards for a little bit as well as cards "for him" so that I can get them ready to send out to Dixie who is part of the organization "Operation Write Home".

The PBS_Swappers {the yahoo group I belong to} has also join in helping out one more organization; "Cards by Amy's Angels". There is a link to their website here on my blog. This organization sends out handmade greetings to cancer patients as well as their care-takers all over the world. So you will also be seeing a lot more "thinking of you" and "get well" cards posted here as well as I get them ready to send to my contact there.

I am so happy to now be a part of these two great charities. Doing for others, no matter how small is really a great feeling I'm learning. I am also going to start working on something new myself that I have never tried before. ATC's {Artist Trading Cards}. I have browsed the web and found a lot of good articles out there on the subject, but I will admit, I am nervous about trying them. Oh I'm going to do it, that's not the problem, I just still would like some advice on how to really go about making them. Some advice for beginners from anyone of you would be GREATLY appreciated! :) I've got the supplies, that being the blank cards themselves. Other than that, I'm at a loss. So HELP!

Why am I wanting to do this all of the sudden? Well what honestly prompted me was that the PBS_Swappers are having an ATC swap soon and I really want to take part. The other reason is because I do not want to limit myself to JUST greeting cards & scrapbooking. I want to continually learn and be challenged. I have seen some ATC's and WoW, I certainly have my work cut out for me. What I am really struggling with is the topic to create about. I have so many idea's running through my head and still nothing sticks for very long before I think "Yea I could do that theme instead". So if you have some theme ideas for me that would be excellent!



Sherry F said...

Just wanted to post a comment letting your readers know what a great job you are doing on the charity work for PBS Swappers! We are lucky to have you as a member.

Christy said...

Thank you Sherry, that's so sweet of you :)

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