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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Decided On Theme For My First ATC's

I was looking all over the Internet at ideas and themes for ATC's, and there ARE MANY!  I thought I would like to do something sort of easy since this is my first attempt at making ATC's.  Colors!  Of course, why hadn't I thought of that a couple weeks ago?! 
So I had color in my head but how was I going to incorporate that it into a real theme. Well, I was looking around for something to store my the blank ATC cards I have and when I came to this little metal box I've had for years, I knew I had found a theme because inside was a color chart for Chakras!
~My Little Stars & Moon Tin~
~The Colour Energy Chart I Found Inside~

Google images was a lifesaver for this project in the works, because I came across the symbols for each color!  How perfect!
~My Work In Progress Red Chakra #1~
~My Work In Progress Red Chakra #2~

What I am doing to create at least the red chakra is taking vellum and my handy light box  to trace the symbol onto the vellum, then I used red Stickles to fill in the areas needed.  The vellum will then be cut out and placed on the card as will the rest of what I decide to do with it, when I have completed it to my liking. 
I am hardly anywhere near finished with this ATC obviously but I will post my progress as I continue with this project.

Thank you for taking a look today, more to follow soon.

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