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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

WoW, WhaT aWeeK! {And it's only midnight the start of Tuesday}

I have been super busy here lately. Grinding out the cards left & right! Go ME! WoOt! {LoL} Yea, so I really don't have much time other than to really post the pics of the cards at the moment. I'm sorry but I will write more later.
This picture here is my pink Slice apron that I actually won for a scrapbook challenge and I am sooo glad I did too. I use it EVERY time I craft. This pic was taken yesterday July 5th and as you can see the long hair is a wee bit haggered looking, but hey, I was having fun, I don't care :)
The picture directly below me in my apron is just a part of my newly organize craft area. Yes I said area, I do not have a room :( I know sad isn't it. However, I love this shelving unit and the totes are all labled and I actually know where most of my things are and what's more important than that, I actually know what I have now! I mean I tell you I have found so many things that I said "I didn't know I had one of these or those or this or that". So yea it's great. I owe it all to Eric, he did all this, from the idea to the purchasing to assembling to buying the totes to just being a great supportive man :) These are most of the cards that I have completed from Sunday night July 4th thru the night into July 5th: Please let me know what you think :) More tomorrow {Card and info}. Right now I have to make more cards!


Rachel said...

Wow, amazing cards, all so cute.

Christy71 said...

Thank you Rachel :)


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