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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Some of my favorite scrapbook pages that I've created of all time: What I would choose if I were only allowed to keep a small number of pages.

Well in keeping with the spirit of trying to keep up with the Blogging For Scrapbookers daily idea list, I have already missed one day; and it hasn't even been a week yet!  However, in my defense yesterday's thing to do was to  "Create something sparkly and share it on your blog", I tried to create diamonds by rubbing some coal together but didn't work, so that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

So today I am back on track...What I am going to do is share some of my most favorite scrapbook pages that I have created.  A lot of these pages that I am going to share with you were created when I belonged to a group that dealt with "emotional scrapbooking".  A great group, there is a link to it on my blog here "Scrapbooking From The Inside Out".  Anyway, every month there would be a theme of some emotion/feeling/goal, you name it they have it covered. 

So join me on my trip through scrapbooking memory lane as I share some of my favorite pages with you.

This first grouping is a double LO of JUST ME, it was a challenge for another group I belong to and this was created in November of 2009.  The challenge was to create a double LO all about yourself.  So this is why I chose this one to come first in my stroll down scrapbook memory lane. 
I was just learning how to use flock at the time and had also purchased the Doodle Bug glitter that you rub into the glue and all the glitter you see here is self induced! LoL!

All the rest of these scrapbook LO's are from challenges from the group I had mentioned, Scrapbooking From The Inside Out.
For many of the LO's that you will see coming up, I cannot remember what the exact challenge was, but will do my best to explain the LO to you.

This LO is entitled "In My World...Anythings Possible".  It has hidden journaling which basically says at this time of my life I sat and thought about myself and what I could attain and do with my life from that point onward.  I wrote that I know I am genuinely an optimistic person and that if I put my mind to something and work hard at it, and just simply believe in myself, anything is possible.

This LO here was for a Cyber-Crop we had on SFTIO on a day called "Madly In Love With Me Day".  I remember this challenge was to show I think how we felt about our bodies and well as you can see, I didn't think to highly of mine at the time. The LO is entitled "Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired"   (sorry about the blurry pic, but this was not taken with my camera and the camera I used just didn't like me).

I really LOVE this LO because it talks about the first time I felt Kevin move inside me when I was pregnant.  The challenge I actually remember, we had to put on the LO somewhere something that opens and closes, which is where the open and closed eyes pic comes into play.  The Student Bible pictured in the LO was what I was reading at the time and had it rested on my pregnant belly when all the sudden "POP" he moved!  It was one of  the most precious moments of my life.
That's why I called this "Peace Movement" because I was at such peace with everything when he moved and even more so after the fact.

This LO is all about my mom!  In this challenge we had to use a floral them and I may have went overboard a bit on the flower embellishments, but hey, it's my mom and she's worth all the flowers in the world!

This LO is obviously devoted to my kiddo's Kevin and Kristin who are my world!

This LO also has hidden journaling but I will give your the gist of what it is about.  The LO itself is called "Never Again".  This pic of me was taken last year, but this situation was something that I went through when I was 24. I was young and thought that this guy pictured here, Adam, was just "IT".  Well the relationship didn't last to terribly long, but long enough for him to steal from me, cheat on me and in the process getting the other girl pregnant, but I stayed with him because at that time I felt I deserved no better.  I felt my worth was 0!  Then one day, I looked over at him, it was like a bolt of lightening had stuck me or something, but I looked at him and almost to this exact wording I told him that I deserve better than this, better than him and the way he had treated me.  It was that day that I learned to create boundaries for myself and to FINALLY realize that I am worth way more than this loser was ever going to amount to.  So if ya think about it, it was actually maybe a blessing in disguise that I met him, or else I may not have met the person I am today for taking a stand for myself.


This LO is another challenge from the cyber-crop we had, I actually won this particular challenge and was VERY happy about that!
This was a sketch challenge and the host of the crop created this particular sketch and viola, here it is.  I had to name it "Madly in Love With Me" because how can one celebrate Madly In Love With Me Day while having a cyber-crop and not name at least ONE LO that. LoL!

Well I surely hope that I didn't bore you to tears and that you liked some of my pages.  I just started to scrapbook when I joined SFTIO which was how I learned what I know today.

So let me know what you think, I would love to hear what you thought of my post today!
You all take care!

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Cindy Adkins said...

Wow Christy,
These are adorable--and so much work!!! Oh my goodness, they are amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

Love your scrapbooking layouts. Ive been meaning to make a start on mines but not done so yet.It's two years since I bought an album Maybe I will soon. Thanks for sharing your pages and journals it's been interesting.
Lilian x your (PCP partner)

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