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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Me and my shadow ~ the kitties!!!

Today was going to be just a lazy day for me, or that is what I would have liked it
to have been.  However, I had an early appointment in the morning and it just went from there. {That was actually yesterday the's now 3:30 am on the 15th so I have been up for a long time.} 

After my appointment I decided to get started with the numerous things I needed to get completed by certain deadlines.  I am involved in more than just the PBS_Swappers Group, I belong to several groups out there and it seems that I have signed up for everything that
seems to be going on in all of them, lol!  Well, I am so far getting what I need done for all
of them thus far, and I don't plan on getting behind with any of them.  I know how
important deadlines are and people counting on you to come through with what
you promised to do.  Yesterday I started and finished up a bunch of birthday cards, as well as took care of some things for the PBS_Swappers. Then I worked on a layout for  a "friendship page" swap.   So I think I accomplished a lot yesterday (to you all ~ same day to me lol).

I don't know if I have ever mentioned on here about the 4 kitties I have.  There were just 3 for the longest time, and then last October I got my "Shadow Angel", Jiggabear. She was a stray kitty and my kiddos called me in a bad spot having found her on a rainy & cold day in October.  So I took her in and she's just a blessing to me.  She follows me everywhere I go, hence my shadow angel.

Then there is Bandit who is the only male in this 4 Kittie bunch, he's such a scaredy cat that whenever Kristin is over Bandit will not come out for whatever reason.  Kristin is a huge cat lover, so she's not mean to him or anything, Bandit's just weird, LoL!

Then there is Boogers, I didn't name her however the name fits perfectly for her. She is sort of a carmel colored mixed patchy designed kitty. Here she is doing her best Super Kitty pose...

Last but CERTAINLY not least, there is my Spookerbear.  She is my baby and I just LOVE her to pieces.  She is Boogers mommy and is the oldest of the 4 here.  I call her "Big Momma" sometimes because the way she carries herself is with such EGO and I'M THE BOSS type of way.  Poor Bandit gets his butt kicked by her all the time.  Especially when Spookers has just recently been scolded for whatever, she immediately goes off on a cat and unfortunately Bandit seems to be the one closest.  However, with that being said, Spookerbear has a sense of when something is wrong or your not feeling well, I have
been sick a lot and every time she is right there laying next to me and cuddling with me. She does this also when your sad or crying and just down.
She's the only one of the 4 who will actually lay on top of me, lol.  Which let's face it,
that's ADORABLE!!!  She's actually sitting here right now on my desk as I type this
just watching me type and the occasional headbutt of affection to me from her.
Here she is sticking her kitty tongue out at me. 

This picture here is Spookerbear and her own kitty that she will take and play with
and carry in her mouth and cry EVERY NIGHT after she eats.  It can be cute but sometimes she get sooooo loud!  But I am use to it.

This is before Jiggabear came into my life, above is Spookers, Boogers, and Bandit snuggled on my bed all together, I just HAD to take a picture.
And below is also pre-Jiggabear, this is also in my room on a window seat for the kitties.
And I found something out one day about Spookers and Bandit...
THEY DO GET ALONG {sometimes}.
So there you have it, my Kittie collection, LoL! I love them all so much, they keep me company and sane.  

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Junibears said...

Lovely kitties Christy.Hugs xx

Parsley said...

Awww...they are special love bugs, you can just tell.

Anonymous said...

As I type this, Bandit is laying at my feet and Spooks is on my desk staring down at Bandit , plotting her next attack!!
You see, Christy didn't mention that we share Spooks and Boogers.(who were originally were just mine) Jigga is hers and Bandit is MINE! I'm the one he comes running to when he gets scared. And NO he is not weird, just special!

bettyl said...

I never had cats before I moved to New Zealand. They are such characters!

Cindy Adkins said...

Aww, such little sweeties!!! They are your "happy pals!"
Please give my best to your whole family.

Elizabeth (Beth) Moore said...

I'm a cat lover myself (have seven of the furry little critters that I am slave to!)... I am so impressed with your creations here! Perhaps at some point you'll consider entering a challenge over at we would love to have you!

agypsyangel said...

They are so cute. Thanks for sharing your little furry family with us.
Hope you are having a great day,

Amanda said...

oh they are gorgeous!! I love cats, dogs and most animals, so I enjoy posts like these!

We have 2 dogs but no cats at the moment. I really love the grey and white one, and the photo where they are all lined up is so cute.

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