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Sunday, July 31, 2011

I Resign

I Resign

I am hereby officially tendering my resignation as an adult.
I have decided I would like to accept the responsibilities of an 8-year-old again.
I want to go to McDonald's and think that it's a four star restaurant.
I want to sail sticks across a fresh mud puddle and make ripples with rocks.
I want to think M&Ms are better than money because you can eat them.
I want to lie under a big oak tree and run a lemonade stand with my friends on a hot summer day.
I want to return to a time when life was simple.
When all you knew were colors, multiplication tables, and nursery rhymes, but that didn't bother you, because you didn't know what you didn't know and you didn't care.

All you knew was to be happy because you were blissfully unaware of all the things that should make you worried or upset.
I want to think the world is fair. That everyone is honest and good.
I want to believe that anything is possible.
I want to be oblivious to the complexities of life and be overly excited by the little things again.
I want to live simple again.
I don't want my day to consist of computer crashes, mountains of paperwork, depressing news, how to survive more days in the month than there is money in the bank, doctor bills, gossip,illness, and loss of loved ones.

I want to believe in the power of smiles, hugs, a kind word, truth, justice, peace, dreams, the imagination, mankind, and making angels in the snow.'s my checkbook and my car keys, my credit cards and all my responsibility.
I am officially resigning from adulthood. And if you want to discuss this further, you'll have to catch me first, 'cause,
"Tag! You're it."

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Birthday Card & Giveaway Information!!!

Good Evening everyone!!!!  It's nearly midnight here and I am right in the middle of creating an Elmo card for Eric's cousins baby's 1st Birthday!!!  I was asked to make THREE birthday cards for Eric's cousin Mark along with an anniversary card for Mark to give to his wife.  I am thrilled to do this!
Now I just made Mark a birthday card the other day because his B-Day is tomorrow {July 31st}.
Here is a picture of what I made for him:

This is the card closed, you may be able to tell that the gift is what is holding it shut.
This is a special tri-fold card that I think turned out wonderful!

This is before Eric and I signed the card for Mark, this is the inside.

Giveaway Information!!!
Now I want to tell you about a giveaway happening HERE
There are some very awesome prizes to win!!!  So please check it out!
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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pretty Card Set I Made Last Week!

Happy Sunday everyone!!!! 91 degrees here but it says it feels like 100 degrees with the humidity!  Blah! Being on the 3rd floor doesn't make it any easier I'll tell you that.  However, I must not complain, I do have central air and a few fans.  So I will be thankful for those.
I wanted to share with you some pictures of a new card set I made last week.  They are really pretty I think.  They are in a way like a CAS card because there is not much to them, but enough I feel to be complete.
Here they are:
In this set of 12, each stamped greeting is on two card, but the cards are different.


I really like this set and how it all came together for me.  I hope you like them as well.

Again, thank you for stopping by, I love it when you do!
Please take care and have a wonderful day!

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tags I made for a swap using Cricut cartridge Paper Lace

Good morning everyone!  It's early...but then again I have been up for the whole night.  I wanted to show you what I was working on.
As you may have seen the link on my blog for the Bakers Twine swap going on, well I wanted to make something that I could wrap the twine on.  Since I am doing two colors;
 Pink Sorbet & Lemondrop:
I have more people to send to...eighteen to be exact!  Eeek! 
So here is what I did.  Since I thought that the card for my friends B-day turned out well, I decided to do something similar for the tags.  I used my Cricut Expression 2 with the Plantin SchoolBook cartridge and the Paper Lace cartridge.  
These were colored with  my Copic markers.  I am still learning with the markers but it's getting better.  I am glad that I kept them and didn't sell like I wanted to.  

So the next thing I have to do is cut 18 individual pieces of twine at 25 yards a piece, and then wrap each of these tags.  Shouldn't be to hard.  

Well I hope you liked these tags.  I want to thank you again for stopping by!  Have a great day and please try to stay cool...I think it's going to be another hot one.

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

I'm Melting! Plus a new project tutorial information

Is it just me or in the sun putting of more heat today...geez!!!

This is a picture I just took about 20 minutes ago on my balcony.  This is how hot it is!!!  The heat and humidity actually fogged up my camera lens as soon as I got outside.  
Looking at my weather app on my desktop it is 95 degrees but with the humidity it's saying feels like 105!!! What!  Now that's HOT!

The picture above is actually this:

It is going out to someone and I cannot say who because it's a surprise.  But I am showing it on here b/c I do not believe she follows this blog, so it's all safe.

I have been thinking that I wanting to do a project here.  I am wanting to create a booklet or something that will have all the "how-to's" and all my personal sketches in it.  I will start on this and would love to post the tutorial of how I made it on here for you all.  So be on the look-out for that.  It will consist of not only cards, but scrapbook pages as well.  Since I do both.

Well I am off to work on that now actually.  Thank you all so much for stopping by.  I do love it when you do.  Please take care!

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Explore Class 'Play Book' and some self portraits

Good afternoon everyone!  Whew it is HOT today.  I feel so bad for my Eric b/c not only is he out in the elements, he is a welder.  Poor guy.  He works so hard.  

I have some things to share with you about the Explore Class.  First is my 'Play Book' that I finished up today.  What I did was I actually took two mini books that are the exact same and glued them together to make the booklet bigger.  I then cut out some paper and pretty much made a book cover over it.  But I adhered that down to just to make sure it doesn't come off.
I didn't really get all crazy with it and go all out with the book, I used some stickers to spell out EXPLORE 2011.  Used a couple pieces of ribbon and then topped it off with a Cricut Paper Doll.  This was my first time using this cartridge and not having my Gypsy really messes me up size wise, but I managed to get her out.  
Here are the pictures of the book:
Can you tell that I made her shoes a weee bit big? LoL, well they were cut at 1/2 inch, the 1/4 inch was really way to small for this
 This is the inside flap in beginning of book and it looks like this in the end of book.  I just treated this like it was a book cover and worked really well.
 This is the back cover; as you can {maybe} see better from this view that there are tiny people on clouds on this patterned paper.  How perfect for this project/class I thought. 
I hope you like the book!

We were also supposed to take a self portrait which I did.  No printer ink at the moment though. Soooo, I am going to upload some of the pics I took.  Again, I hope you like...
 I am smiling behind my beloved Kodak 
 I have been leaning towards using this pic. {The one above this caption}
 I again really like this one too...ughhh
I like this one also, I look so serious though, but I like it too.  I actually can see that I 
am going to use this one when all is said and done.

I cannot pick out which one I want to use for the Play Book. The camera in the photo was supposed to be in there.  According to the directions.  This is me with 0 make-up on.  And you know what?  I don't feel embarrassed one bit to put these pics on my blog.

Please comment and let me know what you think of the album and other photos.  Take care and again thank you for stopping by.

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Taking another new class called EXPLORE

Hello all you wonderful people!!! I hope your day is as bright and sunny as it is here in south west Ohio.  

I have a new house guest for the next 2 weeks ~ Kevin {my 19 yr old}.  He came over last night after I dropped off Kristin.  He is at his drivers ed taking a test and I really hope he does well on it.  Poor kiddo was pacing back and forth here this morning.  Heck he was even making me nervous with that pacing.  I am sure he will do well on it.  

Let me tell you a little about this class I am taking.  It's called Explore and it is over at, just click the highlighted link and it will take you there directly.  The whole point of the class is to "Explore" our surrounding and to perhaps if needed take a real good look at ourselves to learn more about who we are and what we are surrounded with.  I had previously taken a class with Shimelle called "Blogging For Scrapbookers" and I really enjoyed  that class. So if you're interested in an online, self paced, & creative class I urge you to head over to Shimelle's site.

I made some Christmas cards last night for a swap I am participating in.  The requirement was Christmas/winter themed cards.  So I was jamming to some wonderful classic Christmas songs last night on Pandora.  I really can't tell you how Pandora is such a GREAT site.  I have been in this little "disco music" mood now for a couple of weeks.  I know that I am driving Eric crazy, but it's just up beat for me to get my crafty groove on.

I also wanted to tell you about a new swap.  It's the Bakers Twine swap and all you need to do is click on link located on the top right of my blog. Here is some of the HOW-TO's for this particular swap: {I copied and pasted the following from Alison's blog :

"You will put together 9 25yard pieces and get 8 back all different colors
Please feel free to sign up for more than one group! I realize not every color is going to be in each group, that is why I will be doing multipuls. I will only allow one color per group, example: if you sign want to be in group 1 and you have teal bakers twine, make sure that no one else is already doing teal in that group. It will be a first come first served, leave a comment with what groups you would like to be in, and what color you will be choosing for that group."
It's me again now, I hope you sign up for this.  I think it's a wonderful way for us all to increase our stash in an economical way!

You all take care and again, thank you from stopping by!
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Sunday, July 17, 2011

The day in Rabbit Hash, Kentucky BrownGrass Festival 2011

Hi everyone and Good Morning!!!
Oh I have still not been to bed even after the loooong day that I had yesterday {July 16, 2011 ~Saturday}.
I was a vendor down at the 2nd Annual BrownGrass Festival 2011 in Rabbit Hash, Kentucky.  The day was perfect weather wise & I am so happy for that!  It was in the low 90's I believe. I did get some sun which I needed...I look like Casper's twin without sun.
So when we got there at 9AM or so to set up all three of us; Eric, Kristin, and myself could not even get the canopy/tent up.  That was a fiasco in itself and was quite comical if you ask me {and anyone who witnessed us trying to get it together for an hour!}.  So we all eventually got everything set up and were all set to sell and dazzle everyone with my cards.   Well that's at least what I wanted to happen.  I made my first sale a little bit  after the event was underway around 12:30 or so in the afternoon.  Then I had a few came and looked over my things and moved on.  I then had second sale about 2 or 3.  I sold a total of 3 cards.  I am pleased that I was able to do that, but I won't lie and tell you that I am not disappointed in that I only sold 3.  I am chalking it all up to being a learning experience.  

The music however, that was another story...It was pretty good!  There were people there performing from all over the country which was exciting to be a part of that!  
So the day was  not a total fail, actually it wasn't even a partial fail...It was all good and I'll leave it 
at that.
I want to share with you some pictures that Eric took from the event...:
 Stage view before anything was going on.  That's the Ohio River your looking at there also. Looking over into Rising Sun, Indiana

 Ramp heading towards River

 Ohio River and Indiana again
 a shot of a butterfly that looks awesome!!!

 The one man band!!!  This guy was actually really good!

I hope you all have a spectacular day today!!!  
I'm off to make some Christmas cards now!
Take care now!
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