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Thursday, July 21, 2011

I'm Melting! Plus a new project tutorial information

Is it just me or in the sun putting of more heat today...geez!!!

This is a picture I just took about 20 minutes ago on my balcony.  This is how hot it is!!!  The heat and humidity actually fogged up my camera lens as soon as I got outside.  
Looking at my weather app on my desktop it is 95 degrees but with the humidity it's saying feels like 105!!! What!  Now that's HOT!

The picture above is actually this:

It is going out to someone and I cannot say who because it's a surprise.  But I am showing it on here b/c I do not believe she follows this blog, so it's all safe.

I have been thinking that I wanting to do a project here.  I am wanting to create a booklet or something that will have all the "how-to's" and all my personal sketches in it.  I will start on this and would love to post the tutorial of how I made it on here for you all.  So be on the look-out for that.  It will consist of not only cards, but scrapbook pages as well.  Since I do both.

Well I am off to work on that now actually.  Thank you all so much for stopping by.  I do love it when you do.  Please take care!

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Shelley said...

Christy, this is so pretty!! And it is awful hot out there today!

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Christy! I actually LIKE that first pic...looks very surreal...ha!
Your card is sooooo the colours....and now lookin' forward to your projects!
Hugs x

Rita Barakat said...

Christy - this is adorable! And I hear ya - it is tooo hot out there! Stay inside!!

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