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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pretty Card Set I Made Last Week!

Happy Sunday everyone!!!! 91 degrees here but it says it feels like 100 degrees with the humidity!  Blah! Being on the 3rd floor doesn't make it any easier I'll tell you that.  However, I must not complain, I do have central air and a few fans.  So I will be thankful for those.
I wanted to share with you some pictures of a new card set I made last week.  They are really pretty I think.  They are in a way like a CAS card because there is not much to them, but enough I feel to be complete.
Here they are:
In this set of 12, each stamped greeting is on two card, but the cards are different.


I really like this set and how it all came together for me.  I hope you like them as well.

Again, thank you for stopping by, I love it when you do!
Please take care and have a wonderful day!

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