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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Some news and of course more cards!

All my doctor appointments & tests are over now...

I am waiting for the results of the endoscopy that was this past Monday and the biopsy he did on my stomach.  As for the other biopsy that I was supposed to have, I went to doctor and he didn't see any cells that were abnormal and so he did not perform the biopsy yesterday.  Thank God!!!  All is okay for that matter.  
Like I said, just waiting on word from the GI doc now.

Yes I have more cards to share with you all too!
I have been a card making machine here lately.  I am trying my hardest to get everything ready for this Saturday and the Brown Grass Festival in Rabbit Hash, Kentucky.  It's supposed to be 91 degrees Saturday...ugh!  But I am still looking forward to it.

Here are my latest:

I love this little guy!!! 

The colorful Thank You cards are actually a nice big set consisting of 12 cards, same with the Get Well and the Hope cards; they are sets.

Oh and my Gypsy just decided to freeze up on me 2 days ago and not work no matter what I did and tech support couldn't help either.  So I am currently waiting on the shipping label to send it back to Provo Craft and they are going to send me a new Gypsy.  I love my Gypsy and was so bummed out when this happened.  But I will get a new on so hopefully that one will give me no problems.  It locked up after I updated it...has that ever happened to any of you?  Because the tech support said that that happens sometimes.  I wonder how you can avoid this and still get the needed updates; hmmm, I'll have to investigate that one.

For now this is all I have...I hope you all have a fantastic day and thank you again for stopping by and looking!

Take Care Everyone!
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