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Sunday, July 10, 2011

What a week...The doctors have turned me into a pin cushion

Hello everyone!
Happy Sunday to you all!!!

I have had crazy last week with the doctors and not to mention I am going to be a vendor at a festival next Saturday the 16th & I have been trying like mad to get ready for that as well.
Let me just say as far as the doc's go, I have to have a biopsy and I am very scared.  I was crying when I got the call from doctor's assistant telling me that I needed one.  Eric was here  with me and while I was on the phone he held my hand and wrote on a post-it note to me "Biopsy just sounds scary, we'll be alright you & me...together"  Isn't he the sweetest?!  So I on Wednesday to have that done, the 13th.  Monday though on the 11th, I have to get up "before the birds do" as Eric put it the other day to be at  hosp at 6:45 AM for an Endoscopy scheduled for 7:45 AM.  I have such bad heartburn that it's burned my vocal cords and I sometimes lose my voice.  I have also had chest pains and another doc said that the heartburn is probably causing that.  W00T! Joy! LoL!
So I have people praying for me and I have been trying to keep on the positive end about all this. 
Please feel free though to add your prayers...

I still have managed to keep busy and create, create, create...
Here are the latest...hope you like:

I actually have more to show you but I just made them today and have not taken pics yet.  So they will be on here next time.

I have been trying to make as many cards and inventory what I already do have as quickly and as efficiently as possible this last week.  I am going to be a vendor at the Brown Grass Festival 2011 down in Rabbit Hash, Kentucky on July 16th.  I have never been a vendor before and I am a wee bit nervous but I have lots of lists and have been keeping on task thus far!  Yea me, LoL!

Thank you again for stopping by and have a GREAT DAY!!!
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Cole Meyer said...

Lovely cards, Christy. As always, you will be in my prayers!!

Vicky said...

Sending super good thoughts and hugs :)

Birdie said...

Keep up know the address.

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