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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Update and of course my latest creations!

Good morning friends!  I know I know...I haven't been very visible the last couple weeks and for that 
I apologize...{Bridget} ~Smile~.
Things here have been rather hectic to put it mildly.  As you read in the last few posts, Kevin my son has moved in with Eric and I.  He has since started UC {University of Cincinnati} and he goes everyday + working both Saturday and Sunday.  He still needs rides due to him not having license yet.  He does drive my car a lot here lately with me in it of course.  And he is getting better every second!  I am so proud of my son for all he is doing now.  So we have already told the necessary people that we need a 3 bedroom and we will be most likely moving the first of December.  I will be honest here, I do detest the very thought of climbing up and down my 3 flights of stairs to move but I cannot wait to get a new place.  I mean I already know what they look like and all that, but it's the thought of getting a brand new place with Eric and Kevin together.  I'm corny I know, but I guess I am sentimental about things like this and big changes.

I also wanted to share with you some other great news...I already told you that I am going to be selling my cards in an actual store beginning in October...well, I am also going to be selling cards in yet another store in Mansfield, Ohio!!!  I have been getting cards ready to send out and I should have them ready to go by tomorrow!!!  The name of this store in Mansfield is called "Mid-Ohio Made".  Why not check them out!
One other thing happen to me last week...I do not have specific details that I can share with you on this but I can tell you that I was asked to help implement and instruct a scrapbooking class as well as a rubber stamping workshop and card class!!!!  I am still on cloud 9 from this meeting I had last Wednesday.  I promise that I will tell you more about this in greater detail when I know the full details!
So now can you see that I have been a busy woman lately?  I also have the Lake Waynoka Craft Fair that I have been getting ready for as well.  That show is on October 8, from 9-4 in Sardinia, Ohio.  I am very excited to have my crafts there because I here it is a huge success every year!  So if you are near-by, why not come and check out the show!  Also Lake Waynoka is a beautiful place to just go and see and why not do it on a day with crafts and free admission & parking!?!

Well my friends, I am going to close this for now.  I needed to catch up with you and explain my absence.  I will leave you with some pics of the latest cards that I have created for these various events!  

 B is for BIRTHDAY!

Take care everyone!  Thank you again for stopping by, that means so much to me that you do!
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Friday, September 2, 2011

Times They Are A Changin'

Hello my friends!  I hope you are having a great start of the day and an even better start to your 3 day weekend {depending on your location}!  I know that my poor Eric has been working mandatory overtime this past week and is really looking forward to the break.  
I have some news to share; my 19 year old, Kevin, will be moving in with me as soon as things can be arranged.  He will not only be moving in with us but we {Eric & I} will also be moving to a bigger place.  Not a house like I would LOVE, but never-the-less it will still be bigger.  We will just be moving from our 2 bedroom apt to a 3 bedroom apt in the same complex.  I do not know how long all this will take to actually happen but I am hoping not to terribly long.  This all just happened on Thursday and pretty much over the fact that I got Kevin a phone {insert rolling eyes here!} 
This is something that I really won't go into to much other than to say that my ex-husband is a bit on the controlling side {dictator wanna be} and when he saw that my son had a new phone that he couldn't restrict he didn't like it to much.  I mean b/c let's face it, when you have a 19 year old who basically can now enter the military and die for his country, why not cut off his cell phone usage at 11 pm and decide for him who he can and can't talk to by limiting his contact list {this has at times included me, his mom!}.  OK, well now you see what fun I have had in my personal life with the ex-husband.  My daughter is in the same boat to, so in a year we will see what happens there.
Kevin will be attending the University of Cincinnati - Raymond Walters College this month, so I will be helping him get adjusted there and helping him out anyway I can.  I am excited to see where this takes us all.  It will be different, but Eric loves my kids and welcomes this change big time!  I am so lucky to be so blessed with such wonderful people in my life!
My silly guys at Lake Waynoka last year camping!

I hope you all have a fantastic day and a great weekend!  Please be safe!  Thank you for stopping by!  

I have even more news to share with you about a new opportunity for Christine's Handmade Creations but I will share this in another post coming soon!

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