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Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween fun and some other misc,

Good Day Everyone!!!  I want to wish you all
A VERY SCARY...and VERY SAFE Halloween.

Last Friday night tons of kiddos here in my apartment complex all were dressed up with pillow cases and pumpkin containers which to me indicated they were going to go "Trick or Treating" on Friday.  But they all apparently went to some function where they were all picked up and take away.  
So I am sure it will be crazy outside here come 6PM.  At least that is when I am thinking it starts.  I was telling my son the other day that when I was at the trick or treating age it started like 5 or 6 {I am leaning more towards 6}, but it did I know for a fact lasted until 10PM that night.  Regardless if it was a school night or not!  And to tell a child that they needed to come in before 10...well that was simply unheard of, LoL!  The only reason we would return earlier than 10 was to grab a new pillow case due to the original one being jammed packed!!!

I created a new mini-card set and I will be photoing them in a little bit.  Right now I am getting things in order as far as all the pictures from the car accident on the 5th of Oct to take with me to court this Wednesday.  I also just this morning took pictures of the actual intersection to take with me.  With me luck on Wednesday and keep me in your thoughts please.
I also want to apologize that I  was not able to complete the full 31 Days of Halloween.  Between the move, the car accident, I had to put a stand still on them.  I will however keep up with my positive journey and I do hope you continue to at least follow that. :)

Take care everyone!  I will see you soon with the pictures of my card set!

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Kristina said...

Happy Halloween!

Susan said...

Good luck in Court Christy!!
Stand strong :)

ike said...

WayHay... love your sparkly little moving pikkie things :-D
I DO wish you luck for Wednesday Honey and I will be thinking of you. I hope you have a good Halloween in the mean time and don't forget.......THINK POSITIVE !!!! Hugz xxx

DonnaMundinger said...

Happy Halloween Christy and best of luck in court! xxD

Birdie said...

Fingers crossed.

I Don't Do Straignt said...

Love your Blinkies! FAB! Good luck in court :)

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