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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Hello Everyone!
As you can see, the computer is back again!  Thank goodness.  Because I have great news, I am having my first Give-A-Way on my blog!!! It is open to anyone anywhere so join on in!!!
What you ask? The YUDU Cardshop!!!
You will receive everything pictured here!  Along with instructions.
This product was featured on the and ran for close to $60.00 but I am giving it away brand new to one lucky person!

How Do I Enter Your Give-A-Way?
Simply do the following:
1) Comment here and tell me your favorite thing about Fall &/or Halloween and why. {1 entry}
2) Post on your blog about this Give-A-Way with a link back to this entry and post back here that you have done so {1 entry}
3) Become a public follower of this blog, If you are already a follower then post to tell me that {1 entry}

So as you can see you have THREE chances to become entered into this drawing.
Deadline for entering is ~ November 12, 2011 
at 12 midnight EST
Winner Announced on ~ November 14, 2011

Good Luck to everyone!!!  Thank you for participating in my first Give-A-Way!!!  

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Sara a.k.a. Eternal Princess Ryan said...

Wow... Awesome Give-A-Way!!!! Let see I love all the colors of Autumn and I love Halloween because it the one time of year you get to be who ever you want and it is completely excepted!!! I have been a follower of you blog for awhile... S & S Group!!!

glitterbird said...

This is an awesome give away. Some lucky person will be in heaven winning this.

glitterbird said...

Sorry, I did not include that I do not have a blog to link with. I do not have a blog at all. Is there another way to do this? I love the colors of autumn and the subtle change in the season.It makes me appreciate the season knowing winter is coming.

Christy said...

Glitterbird-you do not need a blog as long as you comment here, which you did, then you are entered :)


Good Luck!

bgardencreations said...

Hi Christy!
1) I love the colors of fall, and the crisp fall air!
2) Linked you on my blog!
3) I've been a follower of your blog for awhile already.

Neat giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!


ike said...

1) I can't help lovin' Halloween;
The creepy, scary stuff.
With blood and guts and lots of goo,
I just can't get enuff !!
If people think I'm kinda wierd;
With the type of art I do,
All I can think is "Never Mind",
My reply to them is...."BOO". !!

2) Published and linked to my Blog at

3) I am a Follower :-D xxxxx

Susan said...

I am a follower :)

susanscraps AT comcast DOT net

Susan said...

Fall is my favorite season for so many reasons...sweaters, the leaves, the smell from people's fireplaces and wood stoves if you go outside, the smell of burning leaves. the night time sky.

I love Halloween, because spooky is cool, and it is the one day a year you can pretend to be anything you want!

Great giveaway, thanks for the opportunity!

susanscraps AT comcast DOT net

Rosie Guiher said...

WOW thanks for chance to win this. I love the colors of the leaves this time of year.

Rosie Guiher said...

Hi Christy here is my link to your blog candy on my blog!

Rosie Guiher said...

I have been a follower of yours for a little while now.

Mary Gregor said...

This is a awesome give away. I started following your blog and Love Halloween. I love the kids that dress up and go trick or treating. Not the scary ones but the little ones that put on their favorite costume and who are too shy to say trick or treat. I also decorate my house with plenty of lights and eyrie(SP) noises. I will try to post on my blog but I don't have many followers.
Thanks and keep up the good work.

Mary Gregor from AG

DK Spins said...

Glad you were able to get your computer back running, Christy! Sometimes mine won't turn on (it's almost 9yo), unless I reset the surge protector ::shrugging shoulders:: Anyway, an awesome giveaway! My fave thing about Fall/Halloween is that it's so magical, everything is changing colors & Halloween is just so much fun!

Vicky said...

I love Halloween even though it is not a big thing here in Australia, and Halloween falls in spring for me so it means winter is finally over !

Oh and I am a follower LOL

Lady Anne said...

I have become a follower, this is my first visit to you *smiles* so sorry you had computer problems...

I love the autumn, always have the different colours are so beautiful, I love the cooler weather as I don't like too much heat. I always think that nature is falling to sleep ready to bring us a wonderful spring next year *smile*

Love ~ Lady Anne xx

Lady Anne said...

Hello Christy,
I have just place it on my blog:

Love ~ Lady Anne xx

Scrap Vamp said...

Great giveaway! Good luck everyone!

Darlene 'Dee' Bishop said...

Hi, Christy! I'm a new member at the Making Greeting Cards Yahoo Group. Nice to "meet" you! As to fall, I love the cooler temps, the colors here in East Tennessee and everywhere else, the sense of the holidays approaching... I don't care for Halloween and all the satanic garbage that goes along with it now, but I have wonderful memories of trick-or-treating as a kid and getting all that candy! Maybe that's where my sweet tooth first developed! LOL!

I joined your blog, and I'll be posting a note on mine about this contest. Great contest, great prize!


Darlene 'Dee' Bishop said...

Okay... posted a note at - thanks, again!


DonnaMundinger said...

Fab giveaway, Christy! Fall is my fave time of year because of the crisp weather the changing leaves and most of all, HALLOWEEN! xxD

DonnaMundinger said...

I'm your 80th new follower! WooHoo! xxD

Donna said...

What a great giveaway! I saw your post over at Making Greeting Cards Yahoo Group. Glad you've joined our group and thanks for the chance to win. My favorite thing about fall would be the lovely colors of nature and my favorite things about Halloween (or any other time of year) would be chocolate! Gotta love it!

Skylark said...

I like autumn as the leaves change colour & fall from the trees & that winter flowers are comeing out & I know and look forward to the new leaves & flowers next year

Skylark said...

I am a public follower on your blog

sassyb07 said...

Hi Christie!
What a great give away! Wow….I’ve never heard of this Yudu Cardshop, but it looks really interesting….crossing my fingers that I win, LOL!
I love the fall, the changing colors of the trees are so beautiful this time of year. The crispness in the air at the end of the day, snuggling up with my blanket and a good book at night, and my darling hubby lighting our wood stove up to keep us warm at night.
I have posted this on my blog:
I have become a follower on your blog
Hugs, Valerie

Donna said...

I've added myself as a follower. Thanks for the chance to won this great prize.

Donna said...

Just added your blog candy to my blog side bar. You can check out my blog at

Ardilla said...

My favorite thing about Fall is the colors of the trees... and the leaves on the ground.
(I don´t celebrate Halloween)
Thanks for the chance!

Ardilla said...

I posted the pic of your giveaway in my sidebar :)

Ardilla said...

I'm a followers of your blog now...

Thanks a lot for the chance :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Christy,
I would love to be included in this giveaway. I do not, however, have a blog yet. Thinking about it though.
I love fall because of its wonderful colors. I love Halloween because of the costumes and the kids getting all dressed up. Thanks for having this giveaway.
Claire AKA Frenchie

Anonymous said...

Awesome giveaway, Christy! I love fall because the leaves are so pretty and colorful! Thanks for the chance to win!

jennifer said...

wonderful giveaway! I love Halloween - it is a great way to take care of my sweet tooth!

jennifer said...

I am a follower now!

jennifer said...

put a link on my sidebar
thanks for the chance

Ms. Veronicas said...

My fave thing about fall is pumpkin. And not Jack-o-lanterns. Pumpkin. Pumpkin icecream, pumpkin soup, pumpkin cake, pumpkin pasta, pumpkin everything I can dream up. Butternut squash makes a great substitute too.

msveronicas at

Ms. Veronicas said...

I am a GFC Follower

tinker50 said...

I love Halloween, the yummy fun things to bake and make. Costumes are my fav! Usually I help my DD and SIL get dressed up, but next year I will finally have the chance to help dress a Grandbaby due this December!

I have signed on as a follower.

ScattyShirley said...

first am I allowed to enter as I live in UK but my son is in Denver so he allows me to have stuff delivered there if you need a US address.

But what I love about fall,
Is scuffling through the leaves, yellow, brown, red, green and even purple hues.
Watching geese migrating some go south some come here! from colder climes.
Wrapping up in mufflers, hat and coats with shoes

That come up to my ankle some people call them boots!
Evenings drawing darker, lights twinkling in the windows
Robins singing their vibrant songs, and low in the sky the large harvest moon.

Fireworks for Divali, Eid and The gun powder plot celebrations.
Lighting up the dark sky with even more colour
Bringing together people from many nations.

Now you can see what I like about fall or autumn as we call it.

ScattyShirley said...

oh forgot to say I am now a public follower and have mentioned you on which is the nearest I get to a blog though if I can find out how to add links to my Facebook page I will do that there.

gmanshk said...

I love halloween colors, especially the colors of candy corn LOL! yummy. Please pick me. I think this is an incredible give away and would love to have this machine.

Dee in NC said...

Love your blog - great ideas and projects! Fall is my favorite season, too. Cool nights, warm days. Pulling out the big box of mittens and hats to see what still fits and reminisce about the people who made them and the snowballs we've thrown. Warm blankets and good books. Putting away the bathing suits and shorts and pulling out the jeans and sweaters - yay!!

Kim Bright said...

Hi Christy!
First of all, Congrats on getting your computer back! I know I would be so lost without mine! Secondly, Thank you for the awesome chance to win the Yudu Cardshop!
Third, My favorite thing about Fall is the glorious colors that surround us. My favorite thing about Halloween is crafting! there are so many fun things to make for this holiday and of course I love seeing all the little kiddos in their costumes.
Lastly, you can find a link on my blog to your giveaway here:
Thanks again Christy, for a chance to win! Good luck to everyone! :)

ScattyShirley said...

have become a follower to see more of your great work! thank you

Anonymous said...

Hi Christy! My favorite thing about Fall is the perfect temperature for dh and I to ride our bikes. The bike trail is covered in crunchy leaves and it makes such a neat sound.
I became a follower of your blog today and linked your give-a-way and post to your blog in my sidebar.
Karen Troyer

Anna said...

What I love about fall/Halloween would probably be the changing colors when I look at our mountains here in WV. They can be so beautiful. Thank you for the chance to win.
annadowdy at gmail dot com

Anna said...

I am a new follower. Thank you for the chance to win.
annadowdy at gmail dot com

Tricia said...

I really do not do much celebrating of Halloween, but I love It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. I have to watch it every year.

Gerrie said...

I love the cool crisp air that comes with the Fall season. It brings new life and activity.

Kim M. said...

Wow! Thanks for the chance to win such an awesome prize! I always liked seeing what the kids (and some adults) were wearing when they came trick-or-treating. I just became a follower.

Kim Maehrer

Darla said...

Fall is my absolute favourite season!! Crisp autumn air, not too hot or too cold, and the multicolour leaves on the trees lining the streets (particularly on the fabulous scenic drive through the mountains to either of my parents houses or our cottage) love it!!!

Darla said...

I am a follower

Darla said...

Blogged about it here:

Shauna Pester said...

Hi Christy!
I love fall because the changing colors of the trees and love the way fall "smells"! Love to ssit by the fire and enjoy something warm to drink and watch a good movie with my hubby!

Rachel Miller said...

1) I love the fall & Halloween season because you get to feel a cool breeze on your face; Halloween because you get to dress up your kids and make them look cute, and pass out candy of course! (while sneaking some for yourself here and there lol)

2) I posted on my blog, here's the link to that entry:

3) Just became a follower yesterday! :)

Gretchen Bjornson ART said...

Had no idea you had a blog too! It will be fun to follow someone I know! Let's see, my favorite thing about fall is all the awesome colors. It's an artists dream.

Nikki said...

Hi Christy

I love Fall because of the change of colors in the tree Halloween cause I still love to dress up and thanks for the chance at winning such a fantastic product I've linked you all up and now follow you too
hugs Nikki C

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