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Saturday, October 22, 2011

New Apartment Layout!

Hi everyone again!
I wanted to share with you some pictures of where I currently live at and what the new place will look like in December.  We are currently in a 2 bedroom and are moving to a 3 bedroom due to Kevin moving in with Eric and I.
I have included a floor plan but it is in my own penciled writing because I had to flip it to make it the right way.  Meaning the original was for an apartment facing opposite the way ours is going to be...did that make sense? Hope so.
Where I am currently I see this sign from my balcony
Here is the swimming pool
Which also in the building is a 24/7 work out room which is NICE
This is the back view of one of the buildings
View of the street headed back to the complex
Here is the floor plan

Eric & I will have the master bedroom, Kevin will have the room #2 and I will have room #3 for the craft room.  This apt has 2 full bathrooms, laundry area and a patio.  I currently have a balcony on 3rd floor.  This will be a change being on first floor.  Will be really nice because I found out today that we can actually plant flowers in our area and put decorative stones down for a walk way to our patio which is AWESOME!
So yea...this will be my little place...I cannot wait to move and I do hope that they will let us start moving things over before Dec. 1st

Take care everyone...below this post is another Halloween Mini album I just did for the 31 Days of Halloween, I'd love for you to check it out b/c it is my first time doing a TP album... {toilet paper roll album}
Stop by again...

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Shelley said...

Looks beautiful! Its great you will have a room for your craft room!

Laura B said...

It looks great, Christy! I hope you're able to get settled in there soon.:)

Alex said...

This is wonderful! I am jealous girl :)

Cole Meyer said...

What a wonderful place, Christy. I guess I get the fold out couch in the living room, when I come visit -- that is, if you can get me out of your craft room!

Birdie said...

Christy - love the new blog look, so much easier on these old eyes. I'd give Kevin room #3 as will make it easier on you to get to bed at a decent time if you craft in room #2. Forget Cole getting the couch - I'm heading over if the pools heated for winter. Otherwise see you late spring ;)

ike said...

Hey that looks really cool - Happy Move xxxxxx

I Don't Do Straignt said...

Coool! hope your move went smoothly :)

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