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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Positive Journey ~ Day 8!!!

Hi everyone!  I warn you that I am a posty chicky today.  For that I apologize.  I just have so much to get 1)caught up on and 2) just 
a lot to say.
Today's Positive is this:

How incredibly true is this?  I have been in a negative funk lately and if I continue, I'll have to figure out how to avoid myself.  Ohhh yea...anywho...I can be sarcastic...oh who are we kidding, I AM QUEEN SARCASM and I need to really stop it.  Well stop it at the wrong times I guess.
So today's positive I am hoping will sink in so that I don't have to avoid me in the future.
Take care all and please check out the posts that I also did last night. 
They follow this blog below.
There is a Halloween Mini Album in it for ya! HeHe!

Take care and I will see you soon!
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