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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Positive Journey ~ Day 9!!!

Good Day Everyone!  Happy Sunday...yes we all made it not only through the week, but the weekend almost as well.

Today's Positive is pretty basic and simple:

Sing in the shower is something that I really do not do, but I know what I am trying to say in this...Be yourself and relax and have fun with life!

The background on this is a stamp I have had forever but never used until now...and quite honestly I want know why? LoL!  I love the way it turned out.

Have a glorious day everyone!
Thank you for stopping by and please take care and be safe!

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ike said...

Good one !!! I sing in the loo.... does that count :-D xxxx

Susan said...

I sing a lot in the car, and occasionally in the shower :)
Be well,

Alex said...

Christy, I am loving these Positives! What a great thing to do. This one, very nice and a great idea :)

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