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Saturday, November 12, 2011

New Blank Scrapbook Layout

Good evening fellow Crafters & friends!  Hope your weekend is treating you well.  I have begun to sneeze a bit here and there I really hope it's some sort of seasonal allergy and not the onset of a winter cold.  That would stink!
Well Kevin is off at his dads this weekend for the first time since he's moved in.  He said he is having a good time.  I miss him already!  He will be back tomorrow though...he has already text me asking what is for dinner tomorrow. Hehehe.  It was a joke though, he seems to ask that question daily and usually in the morning hours.  So now him asking that has turned into a running joke.
Here is the latest blank scrapbook page I have created.  It is called "Sweet Girl":

I have also been burying myself in the online training for the Certified Scrapbook Instructor.  I have so far completed 8 of the sections having received a 100% in all of them, with 5 more sections to go.  Then I also am to be trained on some Martha Stewart after the 5 remaining, I will start on the Martha Stewart training.  I am learning so much and have already begun to create examples and handouts for my future classes.
Well I am off now to go bug Eric who is playing X-Box. I am so mean...Muhahaha!
Take care everyone and thank you very much for continuing to stop by.  It really means so much to me.

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Kristina said...

Hi Christy,

Really a great LO! Love your pages! I also like how you have like a banner going across the top w/ hearts on it! Beautiful job! I know you probably have said why your taking a scrapbook training course. But why are you doing all this again for? And the Martha Stewart thing? my email addy is I would love it for when you find time to tell me. Thank you.

ksenchik30 said...

very cut layout!What kind of classes do you take, can you give me a link:)thanks

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