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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Smash* Book, Michael's, Middletown Arts Center Classes, new cards

Hello everyone!  Happy Thursday to you all. For some of you this is the last day of your work week or school week depending on where you are and where you work.  I know Kevin is happy to have a day off.  I won't lie, I am looking forward to not having to leave out of here in rush hour traffic to get him to UC on Friday morning.
I got some mail today and it was my Smash* book I had ordered!!! I am so happy it came today...~happy dance~
I also ordered a bunch of extras to go with it and I just cannot wait to dig into them all.
Here is what I got in case some of you are not familiar with the Smash* book:
This is the actual book, it comes with a black pen/glue all in one.  I ordered a pink pen/glue and another black pen/glue, I got the Smash* stamper
I got the Smash* fabric tags, 2 Smash pads; 1 is Special Occasions & the other is Quotes, I got Smash stickers {70 in this little packet!}
6 Smash mini envelopes
2 elastic bands to hold it shut {only one is shown here now}, Smash tape that has expressions all over it, 4 calendar pockets
I just can't wait to start Smashing!

I also created more cards:
I also did more on the training classes online for Michael's CSI course.  I have received all 100% on the tests.  I have 8 more to go + the Martha Stewart classes.

I wanted to remind anyone who may be from my area or surrounding area of Middletown, Ohio that enrollment is now open online for the Scrapbook/Stamping Classes at the Middletown Arts Center.  Simply click on the link and select classes and sign up!  It's really that simple.  If you are not from the area but know someone who is and might be interested, please pass on this information to them.  I have so much planned for these classes.  They will meet on Fridays and Saturdays.  Same class but offered on two different days so that one or the other will hopefully fit your schedule.  They are from 10 AM- noon on Fri & Sat.

I am going to head off to bed now, I hope you all stay warm tonight, I am actually getting cold now...I have been hot all day long.  Take care and I will see you soon.

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