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Monday, February 13, 2012

No time for love Dr. Jones

I cannot remember what movie has that "No time for love Dr. Jones" in it but I giggle every time I hear it or think of it.  However it is a true statement for me this week.  You see Michaels is having their annual Open House on March 3rd and I have to create storyboards + examples for all 20 of my different classes that I am in charge of.  We were all informed that they need to be ready this Friday, and this was Saturday that we were asked to do this.  
I have been up all night {big surprise I know}, and I am getting ready to head back into work in a few minutes to do more work on these boards.  I am not really complaining, although it may seem like I am.  I truly love this because I get to do all this crafty work and that IS my work.  I just can't get over the fact I get paid for this, lol.  But it is still work.  I also besides doing the scrappy/paper classes I take care of working with the kiddos on the weekends.  I never really thought that I would be good with kids like this but I guess I am doing something right in that department, lol.  I do enjoy working with them, they can be very inspirational and funny.
So I have to go now, I just wanted to write a quickie hello to everyone.  I also want to make sure I get back in the habit of writing on here as well. 

Take care and thank you for stopping by!
Hope you have a wonderful day.
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Friday, February 10, 2012

Where Are You At?

Good evening everyone!  Hope your Friday night and weekend will be adventurous!  Here in the tri-state area of Cincinnati, the news casters and meteorologists are going crazy.  I mean we got some snow today...
{for those of you who have forgotten what snow is, here is a picture}
But the snow we got here today has mostly melted away and did so even before the snow had a chance to accumulate to anything.  This is very sad to me as I love snow!  I just don't like to really drive in it but other than that, I love snow!
See!  I'm not fibbing! 
So yea, the news people got a little carried away I think as did the DJ's on the radio this afternoon.  The way they were talking we would have been looking like this by morning...
but actually right now it's more like this outside...
Hehehe, sorry couldn't resist.  But there isn't much of anything, however it is getting colder, that's the only thing to get excited about.

I saw a picture today that I wanted to share with you.  I want you to look at it closely and really think about it and what it means to you.
To me I can identify with this so much and for not just one thing in my life but a lot of things going on right now.  What this makes me aware of and I think we need to be reminded of this sometimes is that we are the ones who can hold ourselves back and we are also the ones who can launch us forward.  That is what this picture is telling me.  Perhaps you have your own interpretations for this and if so I would really like to hear them. Everything in life is a process that takes time and effort and energy, when I set out to do something I for some odd reason think that I will get it completed; whatever the said task is; today!  I think I have a huge problem with TODAY.  I feel I have to do everything in one day.  Why is that?  Then I just go and drive me and others around me nuts because I set myself up to fail...again.  
So what I am going to do is take from this picture that there are steps in everything.  Not necessarily steps of "pessimism", but just steps in general and that certain things take time and I shouldn't beat myself up over not getting something completed in one afternoon, evening, day, etc.. What are your thoughts on this?

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

I Have Returned!

Wow this feels great and weird at the same time...I mean it's only been since November since I have posted anything here.
Lots to tell you, so let's get started!

The Instructor position is going great!  I am currently teaching my 3rd class which is a 4 week class on scrapbooking.  The people I work with are wonderful and I just love that I get to work in a field that is all about creativity, art, fun, learning and sharing it with others.  I am learning so much from working here, I am not just talking about paper crafts either, but I am learning about all types of crafts and getting all kinds of great new ideas to try out.  

Since I last wrote here Kevin and Kristin both had huge birthdays.  Kevin turned 20 and Kristin turned 18.  Both have since received their drivers license and their dad (my ex-husband) bought them a used car to share which was nice.  When celebrating their B-Day's here at my place getting a picture was well...interesting.  Kristin decided that there would be no serious picture of the two of them on this day.  Which was funny.
In the picture here Kevin thought Kristin said to close eyes and she had said cross eyes.  Either way...still goofy.  And what do you think of Kristin's new hair color?  She had just dyed it an auburn reddish color a few days before this was taken.  I love it!

Something else that I want to share with you that I feel is most likely the best part of this post.  I have started to get involved with my church.  Well let me restate that...I have started going to church.  This is probably the first time in my life that I have WANTED to do this and be active in the church.  I am attending the Vineyard here in Cincinnati, Ohio and I have also joined a couple of groups, met some very nice women who I hope to one day call true friends.  I was raised in a Catholic home and went to the schools and all that went with it but never really felt I knew God.  Well that is what this Spiritual Journey is about that I am on and I hope to know the true God, the loving and caring one that I hear so often.

So that is what has been going on with me in the last three months.  I have been so very busy with everything.  I want to start to post more regularly here again.  

Take care everyone I have missed you all.  Thank you for stopping by!

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