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Friday, May 18, 2012

And Knowing Is Half The Battle

Good Evening my crafty ones!  I trust you are all well...I have had some allergy issues this week but I think that is because the mold and pollen count are up according to the news.  So me and my bottle  of generic allergy medicine are best buds this week.

Well perhaps you are wondering why this post is strangely titled.  I have an addiction; an addiction to schedulers organizers, planners, notebooks, anything like that and especially if the binding is spiral...oh just forget it, I'll have to have one or twenty.
You see here is a picture of my books that I use more or less on a weekly basis, most of these it's on a daily basis:
there are 13 books here.  Some are journals, some are inventory, some are just for notes, one if for my doodles/zentangles, a few to help keep me on top of things. Want to know whats even sadder?
Of these 13 there are 5 daily planners and I just bought another one tonight!!!
You cannot see the one very well in this picture but it's the one with the blue ribbon coming out of it.  I really do not know what my obsession or addiction is to planners, I really don't.  In a way I think it is kind of comical...don't you think so?  Please agree and say you think it's comical and not pathetic, which I am leaning towards moment by moment, LoL!
Ahhh but I have always been this way.  Why?  I haven't a clue.  I will  say this much though, I did toss out quite a few notebooks and such when I was revamping the scrap-room.  That was very hard for me to, but it was liberating at the same time.  Purging was a really good feeling that I need to do at least once a month I think.  So that is why the title is Knowing is have the battle.  Just like the old G.I. Joe cartoons would say, lol.  

I do hope you have a great night!  I will write more soon and post some projects I am working on.   I have a lot to do before Monday.  I need to create more card kits for the retirement home class.  I have some made already but I need more.  I will post when I have them completed.

Take care and thank you for stopping by!  It means so much to me.


Vicky said...

I know where you are coming from with your "addiction" to day planners. In fact I love stationery!!

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