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Saturday, May 5, 2012

I love it!!! Take a looksy!

Happy Saturday to you all!  It's National Scrapbooking Day ~ Are you all being crafty today?  I have been busting my butt trying to get this room organized and I am to a point now that I can actually stop for a bit and craft for the rest of the night...ahhh.  Craft where I won't feel guilty for being in a messy unorganized craft room that was totally hindering my crafty mojo.
So I want to show you what a part of the room looks like...Eric and I did venture out again and got 2 more cubes ... well we got three actually.  We were looking for those rounded corner shelves but they are being discontinued at Michael's anyway, but we did find one and they only charged us $2.99 for the floor model they had. Now you can't beat that.  So in the picture I am going to show you, the two cubes on the very top are the ones we picked up last night. I am also showing you some of the drawers inside view like my Cricut drawer.  Funny how I see all these different things on organizing the carts and booklets and all I had to do is use a drawer and but in alphabetical order.  I have an two empty drawers as well that I will use one more for them.  Right now I have I believe 43 booklets but I have 49 carts.  They fit well in here. The last picture here with the two purple/pink storage towers are all my stamps.  Rubber, cling, acrylic, etc. 

I also did something today that I never thought I would do.  I bought my first ever Spellbinders item.  No I do not have the Grand Caliber or any of their machines/tools since I just found out that my Sizzix Big Shot can do everything the Caliber does.  I tried it out the other day with some Nestabilities that we are going to demo tomorrow at work.  I wanted to make sure I could do the demo and when I found out how easy it is, I was pleased as punch! Not sure what that expression really means...I mean how pleased can punch really be?   So since today was the last day of me getting to use my 40% off all items including sale items I got this

The embossing pads I bought those on Thursday because I knew I was going to get one.  I wasn't sure which one I wanted.  I just know that I do  not often by punched unless they are border punches.  I mean I have the Cricut which can cut anything I desire. But I was getting tired of not having a circle punch and the "correct" size circle punch would not be easy for me to purchase since I love to shadow a lot of things and layer, buying only  one punch would have been a waste of my money.  So that is why and how I came to choose this circle Nestabilities for the first purchase. I honestly have to say that being able to get 7 dies that can be embossed and cut and also used as stencils is very nice. So tomorrow there is a Make It and Take It at all the Michael's using the Spellbinders and today we actually got the Grand Caliber in.  Soooo I will get to play with that tomorrow too, cannot wait.
Here is a card that I made for the Make It Take It today for the kiddos to use as a demonstration for what they were to make.  I actually  made mine here at home and it turned out to be pretty cute.  The "directions" did not call for the butterfly to be popped out, but I thought it would be neat to do that.  So I did and some of the kids liked that idea and did that too.
Eric and his brother James are out to the movies to see The Avengers.  I was supposed to go but I just wanted to come home and come into this almost neat, organized and roomy craft room and not clean it or "work on it"...noooo I want to "work IN it and CREATE" tonight. That is my goal.
I hope you all have a super weekend.  I do hope you're all having a great NSD...I know I am about to.

Take care and again, thank you for stopping by!



Birdie said...

Go Christy! Like I said before, I have a room you can feel free to organize anytime...

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