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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Organize Your Scraps and Rejuvenate Your Mojo!

Good morning everyone!
Hope this day brings you lots of beautiful sunshine and great weather.  I am organizing today as well as last night.  I am taking direct motivation from Sandy Allnock from Operation Write Home.  Here is a link to her post she made on Earth Day about recycling and consolidating your paper stash.  When you go to this link be sure you click on the video she has on her blog because there is where she talks about how to clean up your messy stash!
So far I have had two garbage bags almost full of useless or unwanted paper.  Paper that was literally the first I ever bought!  Along with some very very questionable {ugly} paper and I have to think what in the world was I thinking when I bought it!  I also filled up a fairly large tote of paper that I am "donating" but not really to anyone...okay let me explain that.  Since I am doing these card classes at the Mt. Pleasant Retirement Home and I am making all the card kits, I am "donating" some of my old or unwanted stash to these classes.  Now this paper is not ugly or anything, I just felt like donating some.
Speaking of the Mt. P classes; I created another kits for another card.  The picture here shows my purple curtains in my craft room...I love them!  Anywho here is the card aptly called ~God Loves You~
I hope you all enjoy your day and have a great Tuesday!  Remember to check out that link and become clutter-free in the month of May!  I sure am trying to do this. Take care and thank you for stopping by!



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